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Australian Design & Drafting Services is a multidisciplinary CAD Engineering company based in Australia.

With serving hundreds of clients across Australia, we help companies find CAD drafters for mechanical, electrical, structural and civil drafting projects on demand. We are committed to delivering superior quality CAD Design and Drafting Services across Brisbane, GoldCoast Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. Our CAD designing services incorporate maximum accuracy as we focus on functional, economic and safe structure. With years of experience, our professional formed a deep understanding of the diverse needs of CAD Design and Drafting Services for our client globally.

We possess expertise in various CAD software packages like Autocad, Revit, Solidworks, Inventor, Microstation, FEA Analysis, Archicad, Autodesk Plant 3D, SketchUp.

We are specialised in connecting clients and firms along with offering top-quality CAD drafting and design services. We connect clients with drafting experts and work closely with them to meet project goals and timeline. We are one of the best drafting companies to offer a wide range of CAD drawings at an affordable price.

By partnering with Australian Design & Drafting Services, we assured to that reduce your operating costs and get the best quality CAD services, products and workforce.



We are a leading provider of CAD Services and cater for hundreds of clients across Australia. We provide reliable, cost-effective, speedy and quality CAD design services. We believe in collaborating with clients and provide a full range of drafting services in one convenient package. Our Project managers are home designers of your home and use the best AutoCAD drafting services with excellent results. Get the top-quality CAD Design services across Australia’s major cities including Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth.


We are Australia’s proficient and cost-effective 2D/3D cad services provider for Mechanical, Structural, Civil, Architectural, Electrical Engineering Drafting supplies. We convert all types of engineering, architectural and other technical drawings within a stipulated time. Our engineering CAD services team leverage your product development capabilities by providing effective drafting solutions for mechanical components and industrial equipment.



We provide quality engineering design services for all different industries. We offer seamless drafting services with guaranteed improved efficiency on your design. With a quick turnaround solution for all your engineering design needs, we offer Mechanical Engineering, Architectural Design, Civil and Structural Engineering solutions to its clients for more than a decade.


Australian Design and Drafting Services provides hiring services for your engineering projects. We offer Hire SolidWorks drafter, Autocad Drafter, MEP Drafters, Revit Drafter, Architectural Drafter, Electrical Drafter, engineers, draftsman, and designers across Australia. We serve local firms as well as outsource companies with attention and professionalism. With meeting deadlines we make our client smile every time we work for them.


Our 3D CAD design tool enables us to create innovative 3D printing solutions with ease. We provide assistance not only to the organisations who want to prototype their creative concepts, innovative ideas and models. But also to individual enthusiasts who use the latest technology. If you have a design idea that needs to be created, connect to our expertise. We have a pool of trained professionals who can assist you with consultative product design and development. We produce a three-dimensional digital model using the best CAD services related to your work.



With having a wide pool of specialised CAD Drafters, we provide quality services and take up large projects. Our CAD expertise has excellent knowledge in AutoCAD, 3D Inventor and Navisworks. Our work portfolio enables us to work with a huge range of different industries like furniture manufacturers, Millwork shops, Fabrication Shops, Architectural well as and engineering consultancy. Our Industrial Manufacturing service creates high-quality CAD drawings with accurate tolerances and allowances.

Our CAD designers and drafters use comprehensive design and product services for our clients around Australia.

We have undertaken significant works converting the last version 2d & 3d drawings, models into the new version of the Software package. Our CAD technician uses the latest trends and technologies with whatever software is appropriate for your project.

With a decade of drafting services experience across Australia, our expertise areas include:


We are one shop stop for specialised CAD, drafting services and business solutions. Whether you need 2D drafting, 3D modelling, we are here for you. We meet your deadlines, lower cost and impress your client on your behalf. With years of experience, we understand the industry and its requirements. We deliver accurate and thoughtful engineering design with the best customer satisfaction. Our design process has evolved into a system that focuses on quality, speed to market, and the elimination of waste in the system.

Our final project goes through defined quality metrics before final delivery to reduce the probability of project errors. This process also depends on the engineering design model used. For example, using the concurrent engineering model might reduce the time to market by 40%, over the traditional model. Additionally, offering quality without timely delivery doesn’t make sense and does not serve its purpose well. Therefore, we understand the importance of delivering the project on time with the best quality.


Creativity is very important in the world of engineering and design.

We understand the growing demand for creative engineering design and offer the right kind of CAD services that suit your needs.

Our engineering design process is more creative and innovative in order to add digital solutions to your project. The only way to meet these demands is to do things differently, which is where creativity and innovation enter the picture.

Our CAD operators aren’t just highly skilled in CAD but also have in-depth knowledge of building services by providing practical solutions. By using our skill, we are committed to provide the highest level of services and ensure to maintain high-quality services to our clients. We guaranteed to offer 100% accuracy in the final output and facilitate productive and satisfying designs.

How We applied creativity & innovation

We use new methods to solve industry problems by generating new ideas and creative skills.


Our CAD Designer has a lot of determination in order to keep working on the project until the problems are solved.


Our trained designer has a positive attitude and realizes the possibilities of modern technology.


Our CAD designer has confidence in his or her ability to solve a problem within the marketing and manufacturing or construction requirements.


We carefully test and record data to have a successful design with quick analysis.


We have an excellent team of designers who use their logical approach to solve problems with ease.

What Our Client's Say

A big thanks to for helping us out on an extremely urgent project! Having found Australian Design and Drafting Services via Google, I approached the team with a 3D project that had strict 24-hour deadline. They promptly stepped up and delivered a 3D model and renders that surpassed expectations. Looking forward to the next opportunity I have to work with Australian Design and Drafting Services.

JOHN PETKOVIC, Workhouse Advertising, WA

This association has been very successful. From the first discussion with ASTCAD, we were very impressed with his approach and professionalism. They have taken time to listen to our requirements, provides an initial quotation and offers excellent advice during the documentation. All completion deadlines have been kept by the Australian Design and Drafting Services for our project.


At BOC we found a growing need for professional drawings in all formats ranging from simple P&ID drawings in 2D & 3D through to complex assemblies so we approached Australian Design and Drafting Services to assist us. They have provided us with a highly efficient outsourced solution we needed at a competitive rate.

CRAIG EDMOND, BOC - A member of the Linde Group, QLD

Excellent service provided with a wealth of knowledge. Thank you guys, your help has been unbelievable!


We provide Free Tender Service to all our clients which will save you time, stress and thousands of dollars

We provide obligation Free Consultation Service for all your Drafting & Design requirements

We  provide multidisciplinary Design & Drafting Professionals at your workplace

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Architect developed a stunning 3D printing models

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3D print using beer

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