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Australian Design & Drafting strives to provide the best quality prints, quick turnaround times and CAD Printing Scanning Services for AutoCAD Printing/Plotting, Revit Printing, Large Format Printing, Wide Format Printing, Large Format Copying and Large Format Scanning throughout Australia. We provide an innovative way for customers to order, print, and distribute documents, plans, and posters with the fastest delivery. Our document scanning and solutions help businesses go paperless. Australian Design and Drafting Services scanning is set up for high-volume scanning and can cope with bulk requirements for any business. We offer the latest scanning technology through continuous investment.

CAD Printing Scanning Services

Australian Design & Drafting mostly complete large-format document scanning on one of our large-format feed scanners, which can process drawings quickly, safely, and accurately. One of our experienced scanner operators will feed the image through the scanner, ensuring there are no issues. Our operators must wear gloves whilst working to avoid any potential smudging of drawings and plans and fingerprints from being imprinted onto film paper-based drawings often found in slightly older large-format architect image layouts.

CAD Printing Scanning Services


  • Document scanning and digital indexing will improve your organisation’s document management processes, ultimately helping your business reduce time wasted searching for documents, reduce overheads, and improve customer service levels.
  • If required, we can apply image enhancements to old or poor-quality drawings and plans to make them fully readable again. When the drawing scanning and enhancement process is completed, each image is inspected and compared against the original drawing to ensure the highest quality output.


We specialize in CAD Plotting, Plan Printing and CAD printing services direct from AutoCAD. We also specialize in Revit Printing services as 3D CAD design / BIM use increases. These may include drawings and plans for Architects, Engineers, Surveyors, Designers, Planning Officers, Building Officers, Solicitors and Settlement Agents etc. We pride ourselves on been able to produce quality CAD prints with quick turnaround times at competitive prices. We can print to B1, B2 & B3 Printing sizes also and any other miscellaneous size, contact us for details. For large orders locally to the Brisbane CBD we provide a same day pick up and drop off service. Large Format Copying and Scanning available at A0, A1, A2 & A3. We can Copy and Scan B1, B2 & B3 sizes also and any other miscellaneous size. Hard copies can be posted to our address or dropped off locally. For further details, please contact us. We provide services for anybody that uses A4 Printing, A3 Printing, A2 Printing, A1 Printing & A0 Printing in the local area and nationwide via our postal service. Please contact us for miscellaneous sizes, we will cater to your online printing needs. Printing includes folding and collation unless otherwise requested. CAD conversion is also possible after our drawing scanning service has been completed. Our company can cope with any size of document from small format e.g. A3, A4 or small format tickets and forms, right up to large format drawings and plans in A1 or A0 size. If you have larger, wide format documents we can find a solutions for you. The company has an in-house IT team who can help with your requirements. Our wide format scanners can cope with most paper types, eg. fabric, canvas, drawing paper or vellum. Documents or images can be scanned in colour or black and white. The company’s team can scan large format documents up to AO in size and output to a range of formats, including TIFF and PDF. Employees are experienced in scanning architectural drawings, construction plans, engineering drawings and utility plans. Large Format documents can be scanned in mono or colour.

CAD Printing Scanning Services for Industry’s

CAD printing and scanning services for industries offer specialized solutions for creating physical copies of CAD designs or converting physical objects into digital CAD models. These services utilize advanced printing and scanning technologies to support various industrial applications. Here’s an overview of CAD printing and scanning services for industries:

CAD Printing Services:

  1. Rapid Prototyping: CAD printing services utilize additive manufacturing technologies, such as 3D printing, to quickly produce physical prototypes based on CAD designs. This allows industries to validate designs, test functionality, and gather feedback before moving forward with full-scale production.
  2. Functional Parts Production: Industries can leverage CAD printing services to manufacture functional parts using a variety of materials. These parts can be used for testing, fitment, assembly, or even end-use applications. Different printing technologies and materials are available to meet specific requirements.
  3. Customization and Complexity: CAD printing services excel in creating highly customized and complex parts. They can produce intricate geometries, internal structures, and fine details that may be difficult or impossible to achieve through traditional manufacturing methods. This enables industries to create unique and innovative components.
  4. Small Batch Production: CAD printing services offer the flexibility to produce small batches of parts on-demand. This eliminates the need for large-scale production runs, reduces inventory costs, and enables a more agile manufacturing approach. It is especially beneficial for industries that require low-volume production or frequent design iterations.

CAD Scanning Services:

  1. Reverse Engineering: CAD scanning services help industries recreate digital CAD models from physical objects. By scanning existing components or prototypes, industries can generate accurate 3D models that can be modified, analyzed, or reproduced. This is particularly useful when original CAD files are not available.
  2. Design Verification and Inspection: CAD scanning services allow for precise measurements and dimensional verification of physical objects. Industries can compare scanned data to CAD models to validate the accuracy of manufactured parts or inspect for any deviations. This helps in quality control and identifying potential issues.
  3. Digital Archiving and Documentation: Scanning physical objects into digital CAD models enables industries to create a digital archive of their assets. This simplifies storage, retrieval, and sharing of design data, ensuring easy access to historical information for future reference or modifications.
  4. Design Iteration and Modification: CAD scanning services support design iteration and modification by converting physical prototypes or components into editable CAD models. Industries can make design changes, optimize the geometry, or incorporate improvements based on scanned data. This streamlines the design process and reduces the time and cost associated with re-designing from scratch.
  5. Integration with CAD Software: Scanned data from physical objects can be imported into CAD software for further manipulation, analysis, or integration with existing designs. This seamless integration allows industries to leverage scanned data within their existing CAD workflows.

CAD printing and scanning services offer valuable solutions for industries to bridge the gap between digital designs and physical objects. They enable rapid prototyping, customization, quality control, reverse engineering, and design modification. By utilizing these services, industries can accelerate product development, improve manufacturing processes, and enhance their overall design capabilities.