Automotive Design & DRAFTING Service

Innovation is our strength

The current automotive marketplace is an innovative and dynamic one with companies vying with one another to create and bring about breakthroughs in automotive design service and technology. Australian Design and Drafting Services prides itself on not only keeping up with the latest trends but also anticipating customer requirements well in advance, taking the concept of innovation and preparation to the next level. Combating pricing pressures, product differentiation and the other hindrances to new product development, we offer strategic automotive.

Our solutions for the automotive domain help international and national automotive companies become successful by reducing costs and maximizing productivity. We help them in various areas of the product development process such as ideation, optimization, testing, research and development, pre-production prototyping, production control and post-production lifecycle management and support.

As our automotive design service, we help our customers with 2D and 3D drawings with special reference to the automotive sector. Our solutions reflect the highest levels of automotive and mechanical engineering, coupled with cutting-edge technology. We provide automotive design service and full solutions that touch every aspect of the automotive domain such as procurement and logistics, manufacturing product development, marketing and sales, etc.

Automotive Design Service

Our Automotive Design Service

Providing an entire range of services in all fields of automotive manufacturing and design

  • Efficiently manage business complexities
  • Offer advanced product portfolio management services
  • Help companies manage change in a dynamic global environment


Product Development and Engineering

We provide a wide spectrum of integrated services that not only are affordable but also enable you to meet your business needs. We help our customers design, visualize and simulate complex automotive product and process designs, besides supporting integrated 3D modeling and electrical design processes.
Key services and solutions used by our regular customers include:

  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA) services
  • CAD Services like modeling, conversion and migration
  • Plastic molding solutions
  • Reverse engineering solutions
  • Jigs and fixtures design solutions

Enterprise IT Services

Our PLM solutions enable automotive manufacturers and suppliers to tackle and meet economic and competitive pressures. Some of our service capabilities are vehicle styling, digital prototyping, concept design and ergonomics

Procurement and Logistics

Global automobile enterprises must manage their supply chain costs and re-evaluate and redefine the global supply chain network. Our capabilities in the Supply Chain Management (SCM) and Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) space lie in the areas of enterprise applications, process optimization, business intelligence and information management

Process Optimisation

Process optimization services include planning and forecasting to optimize a process. Some factors to be considered during process optimization are procurement management, supplier evaluation and performance monitoring and other data analytics. We are cognizant of these factors, which are essential for a project’s success, and aim to deliver the same to our customers.

Information Management

Demand/supply levels in the automotive sector fluctuate depending on global requirements and conditions. We offer various services, including enterprise data warehousing, migration and master data management. These services help customers achieve optimum inventory levels and develop a comprehensive supply chain mechanism.

Manufacturing and Quality

Consistency benchmarks in quality and processes are essential for an automotive organization to survive and succeed in the current scenario. We help companies incur lesser costs in manufacturing and develop strong expertise in the various spheres of manufacturing and quality control.


Australian Design and Drafting Services has expertise in the realm of automotive electronics. Besides, we have a team of experts from the automotive domain who help our customers overcome major obstacles such as technology constraints, resource crunches or restrained budgets. We provide faster time-to-market solutions and frameworks and possess the ability to integrate products across technologies and platforms.