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We offer full-service recruitment and staff leasing solutions customized to our client’s needs. We provide Senior-level Hiring, RPO & Contract Staffing, project-based Hiring, & Consulting based on our client’s recruitment strategy. Our well trained and domain specific consultants will ensure that we deliver high standards of service and value that clients would expect from a recruitment service and staff leasing solutions provider.




We offer and present pre-screened profiles quickly based on our client’s specific requirements. Our professional quality and reliable service form the pillars of our company. We go the extra mile by first understanding the company profile, its vision and goals, followed by a detailed understanding of clients’ requirements regarding essential skills, qualifications, experience, required skills and job profile. The ideal candidates possessing the relevant skills are shortlisted either from our company database or by way of networking with the help of our well-trained recruitment members. We discussed the company and desired job profile with the candidate. We then arrange a meeting with the shortlisted candidates.

Staff Leasing solutions


Australian Design & Drafting Services provides trained and skilled professionals at the clients premises for fixed contract periods. This provides an excellent opportunity for client to control their head count and ensure just in time recruitment for critical projects without the overheads associated with a full time employee. First we seek approval by the client for the selection of contractual staff. Then we contract staff on board at the clients site at  short notice. All administrative compliance’s , co-ordination issues looked after by Australian Design & Drafting Services on an ongoing basis. we identify resource requirement by the client in terms of skills, experience and contract period before we forward relevant profiles to the client.

Staff leasing solutions, also known as staff augmentation or staff outsourcing, involve hiring external professionals or teams to work on specific projects or fill skill gaps within an organization. Here’s some information about staff leasing solutions:

  1. Service Overview: Staff leasing solutions provide organizations with access to a pool of skilled professionals who are employed by a third-party service provider. These professionals, often referred to as leased staff or consultants, work under the direction and supervision of the client organization but remain employed by the service provider.
  2. Flexible Staffing: Staff leasing solutions offer flexibility in staffing, allowing organizations to scale their workforce up or down based on project demands or changing business needs. It provides a cost-effective alternative to hiring full-time employees for short-term or specialized projects.
  3. Skill and Expertise: Staff leasing solutions enable organizations to tap into a broader talent pool and access specialized skills and expertise that may not be available internally. Service providers typically have a diverse range of professionals with expertise in areas such as IT, software development, engineering, design, marketing, finance, and more.
  4. Faster Onboarding: Leased staff can be quickly onboarded and integrated into ongoing projects or teams. Since the service provider already employs them, there is no need for extensive recruitment processes or lengthy onboarding procedures.
  5. Cost Savings: Staff leasing solutions can provide cost savings compared to hiring full-time employees. Organizations do not have to bear the costs associated with recruitment, benefits, payroll, or employee administration. Instead, they pay the service provider a predetermined rate or fee for the services provided.
  6. Focus on Core Competencies: By outsourcing certain tasks or projects to leased staff, organizations can focus their internal resources on core competencies and strategic initiatives. This allows for improved efficiency, productivity, and allocation of resources.
  7. Scalability and Adaptability: Staff leasing solutions offer scalability, allowing organizations to quickly adjust their workforce based on project requirements. It provides the flexibility to ramp up or downsize the team as needed, without the complexities of hiring, onboarding, or terminations.
  8. Risk Mitigation: Service providers often assume the responsibility of legal and HR-related aspects, such as employment contracts, payroll, benefits, and compliance with labor laws. This helps mitigate risks and administrative burdens for the client organization.
  9. Project Management and Oversight: Service providers typically offer project management and oversight to ensure leased staff are effectively integrated into the client’s team and deliver the desired outcomes. This includes regular communication, performance monitoring, and quality assurance.

It’s important for organizations to choose a reputable and reliable service provider when considering staff leasing solutions. Assessing the provider’s track record, client testimonials, and the expertise of their leased staff is crucial to ensure a successful collaboration.

Staff leasing solutions offer a flexible, cost-effective, and efficient way for organizations to access skilled professionals and augment their workforce. By leveraging external talent, organizations can enhance their capabilities, drive project success, and focus on strategic objectives.

Drafter – Designer – Engineers – Architects


Our qualified and professional team of AutoCAD Designers and Drafters are well-equipped and fluent in using the updated software and hardware systems thereby ensuring that any AutoCAD related projects, regardless of its size are delivered efficiently. We provide our service across Australia include Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, GoldCoast.


Our qualified and professional team of MEP Engineers possess a proven track record of providing excellent services including Electrical Design and Drafting, MEP Designs and Diagrams, Plant Room Layout Design and Fire Protection System Designs. We provide our service across Australia include Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, GoldCoast.


Our Structural/Civil Engineers provide efficient services while working closely with the Client and utilising the latest resources in order to ensure the . high-quality service is delivered on time. We provide our service across Australia include Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, GoldCoast.


We offer highly qualified and experienced Architectural Draftsman or Architectural Drafter for  hire with expertise in various Architectural Design and Drafting fields. You may choose to Hire Architectural Draftsman on contract basis as per your projects demand. We provide our service across Australia include Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, GoldCoast.


We provide highly qualified and professional electrical engineers for Hire, serving as your employees customised according to your project needs. Our  dedicated Engineers are experts in efficiently delivering various electrical layout, 2D and 3D Electrical design and drafting services, electrical diagram and electrical layout.


Choose to Hire qualified Mechanical Engineers from ASTCAD’s talent pool. These engineers are experts possessing vast experience in providing mechanical engineering solutions varying from Machinery Design, CAD Conversion service, 2D and 3D Design Drafting services, 3D CAD Modelling, etc


Hire experienced Solidworks Drafter or Solidworks Designer on contract basis rendered to your project needs. Our Solidworks Designer/Drafter offer expertise in various design and drafting fields. We provide our service across Australia include Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, GoldCoast.

Hire Engineers and Architects for Customized Staff Leasing Solutions

  • Multi Layer Board Design and EMI/EMC Complaint Design
  • Room Layout Design, Fire Protection Systems, Electrical Diagrams and MEP Design
  • 2D Drafting, 3D Rendering, Architectural 3D Walkthroughs, 2D Design
  • CAD Conversion, Machine Design and Drafting, 3D CAD, 3D Modelling and Animation

Get Cost-Effective Staff Leasing Solutions by Hiring Dedicated Engineers & Architects

Our team of well-qualified Engineers and Architectural Drafters have the proven ability to perform simple Drafting and Design jobs to the more detailed oriented and tedious work that involves 2D or 3D Modelling, Electrical Design and Drafting, CAD conversion. We offer staff-leasing solutions throughout Australia having worked on various kinds of ranging from simple to more complex projects serving as our clients in-house team extended staff. Australian Design & Drafting Services offers customised engineering services with staff leasing solutions in accordance to the client’s requirements, while ensuring that the clients project information is well secured in our high-security data system.