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Australian Design & Drafting is a leading CAD Service Provider in Australia for producing CAD Designs and Drawings operating in various industries. With over a decade years of work experience, Australian Design & Drafting’s team of engineers understand the client’s technical specific requirements and deliver highest quality technical drawings.

Australian Design & Drafting offers CAD Conversion services that are ready-to-use, created from raster images, markups maps, blueprints various industries including mainly Engineering, Construction, Architectural, Civil, Mechanical, Electrical. We provide error free, reliable and economical with maximum accuracy CAD drafting services to our clients.

Benefits of CAD Conversion

  • Superior quality drawings reproduced using reference from poor quality originals
  • Help you save time with digitizing rather to redraw, copy and print documents
  • Raster formats to CAD with 100% perfect geometry
  • Affordable service using latest technology
  • Increase in productivity and Control
  • Elimination of misplacing documents or drawings
  • Easy access to large files and database with the freedom to share
CAD Conversion

Benefits of CAD Conversion

  • Accuracy levels maintained by 98% or higher
  • We can convert any file format to different formats as you desire
  • The drawing retains the standard blocks and attributes.
  • Specified custom layers and standards maintained as per the client’s requirement
  • Dimensions from the original drawings are well- maintained
  • We maintain snap on/off, grid on/off on/off on your drawings
  • We provide dedicated, qualified and experienced drafters and designers as per your requirements.
  • Well-qualified Drafters and Engineers work under the supervision of
  • Architects and Engineers in charge of the particular projects.

CAD conversion services for Industry’s

CAD conversion services for industries involve the process of converting data from one CAD format to another, translating physical designs into digital CAD models, or converting 2D drawings into 3D CAD models. These services help industries optimize their design workflows, improve collaboration, and enhance efficiency. Here’s an overview of CAD conversion services for industries:

  1. CAD Format Conversion: CAD conversion services offer the ability to convert CAD files from one format to another. This is particularly useful when working with different CAD software or when collaborating with partners who use different software platforms. Common CAD file formats include DWG, DXF, STEP, IGES, and STL.
  2. Legacy Data Conversion: Many industries have legacy design data in older formats or non-digital formats, such as paper drawings or physical prototypes. CAD conversion services can convert this data into digital CAD formats, allowing for easier access, modification, and integration with modern design workflows.
  3. 2D to 3D Conversion: CAD conversion services can transform 2D drawings, blueprints, or sketches into accurate and detailed 3D CAD models. This conversion enables industries to leverage the benefits of 3D modeling, including visualization, simulation, and design optimization.
  4. Physical to Digital Conversion: CAD conversion services can digitize physical objects or prototypes by using 3D scanning or measurement techniques. This process captures the physical geometry and converts it into a digital CAD model, facilitating design modifications, quality control, or reverse engineering.
  5. Data Migration and Integration: CAD conversion services assist with migrating design data from older CAD systems to newer ones or integrating data from multiple sources into a unified CAD environment. This ensures seamless data exchange, collaboration, and consistency across different design platforms.
  6. Standardization and Consistency: CAD conversion services help industries standardize their CAD data by ensuring uniformity in file formats, layers, naming conventions, and design standards. This improves design consistency, reduces errors, and enhances collaboration among design teams.
  7. Design Optimization and Modification: CAD conversion services allow for design optimization and modification by converting existing CAD models into editable formats. This enables industries to make design changes, incorporate improvements, or adapt designs for specific requirements without starting from scratch.
  8. Collaboration and Communication: CAD conversion services enhance collaboration and communication by facilitating the sharing of CAD data in standardized formats. This enables efficient collaboration among design teams, suppliers, manufacturers, and other stakeholders involved in the design and production process.
  9. Version Control and Documentation: CAD conversion services assist in maintaining version control and documenting design changes. They ensure accurate tracking of design iterations, revisions, and modifications, which is essential for design history, regulatory compliance, and future reference.

CAD conversion services provide industries with the flexibility, efficiency, and standardization required to streamline their design processes and enhance productivity. By converting, migrating, and optimizing CAD data, industries can leverage the advantages of digital design, improve collaboration, and achieve better design outcomes.