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Australian Design and Drafting Services provides quality 2D Mechanical CAD drafting services in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, and surrounding areas. We have the expertise of CAD drafters who cater to architectural drafting services’ requirements. The services include 2D drafting and 3D CAD drafting services.

We at Australian Design and Drafting Services offer fantastic 2D AutoCAD drafting services for all types of design plans. We possess the relevant resources, experience, and capabilities to provide a one-stop-shop platform to our clients. Our concept drawing and producing drawings are set for mechanical projects, providing manufacturing drawings in either 2D or 3D format of various mechanical assemblies.


The 2D to 3D drawing conversions, geometric dimensions, annotations, and other tolerance-related information are used with mechanical engineering drawings. It’s used to refine concepts, develop site plans and sketch technical drawings. We use customized drawings and templates clearly to enhance the collaboration between clients and colleagues. We realize the potential of parametric modelling in terms of providing flexibility when designing and managing any product. We help with sheet metal, manufacturing drawings, structural drawings, fabrication drawings and other 3D modelling conversions.


It is essential to have a team on board that understands the concepts of designing and manufacturing any product and produces product-specific CAD drawings. Our professional team of qualified mechanical engineers has relevant knowledge of prototyping and manufacturing industries. We offer client-specific customised design and mechanical 2D drafting services. Whether you need 2D Drafting services or a simple 2D to 3D drafting or CAD Conversion Service, we have excellent solutions for all your design and drafting requirements. 

Advantages of 2D AutoCAD Drafting Services

  • Helps draft designs without the need for technical drawing instruments.
  • It’s used to refine concepts, develop site plans and sketch designs.
  • Used in customised drawings and meets international quality standards.
  • Get the best architectural design services at an affordable price. 

2D AutoCAD drafting services offer several advantages in various industries, including architecture, engineering, construction, and manufacturing. Here are some of the key advantages of using 2D AutoCAD drafting services:

  1. Precision and Accuracy: AutoCAD software is known for its high precision and accuracy, allowing for the creation of detailed and dimensionally accurate 2D drawings. This is crucial in industries where even small errors can have significant consequences.
  2. Efficient Design Process: AutoCAD provides a streamlined and efficient design process. It allows designers and drafters to quickly create, edit, and revise drawings, saving time and cost.
  3. Standardization: AutoCAD offers the ability to create standardized templates and drawing libraries, ensuring consistency in design and documentation across projects. This helps maintain quality control and compliance with industry standards.
  4. Easy Collaboration: AutoCAD facilitates collaboration among team members, whether they are working in the same office or remotely. Multiple users can work on the same drawing simultaneously, reducing communication barriers.
  5. Revision Management: AutoCAD offers tools for easy revision tracking and management. Design changes can be tracked, documented, and communicated efficiently, reducing the risk of errors and miscommunication.

Australian Design & Drafting Efficient CAD drafting services 

All engineering firms and drafting companies need to have the mechanical drawings in an electronic format. It can easily access, edited, archived, reproduced and modified when required so that at any given point in time, these can be readily integrated along with the assemblies and parts, providing flexibility and boost the design process in CAD format.

When one needs to modify the existing CAD Drawings, it is preferred to use a parametric drawing approach that manages the layers appropriately with greater control over revisions and annotations. CAD has expanded over a wide range of fields that need design and drafting services, such as architecture and other types of engineering fields, such as machinery or tools.


Australian Design & Drafting engineers take pride in offering customer-focused and project-specific CAD design and drafting services by bringing improvisation to several client’s design processes in terms of efficiency. Our expert Mechanical Engineers team comes from various industries: automobile, aerospace, marine, food processing, ducts and piping, HVAC, and healthcare. These engineers are experts in CADD with high proficiency in using design and drafting tools such as AutoCAD, Solidworks, REVIT, CATIA, Inventor, Pro/Engineer, etc.

The outsourcing design and drafting services provider are the team’s project management skills. We handle complexity with excellent planning, communication, reviewing and documentation to provide the best quality design and drafting services. Our 2D drafting service team help to render effort-free, an accurate and reliable design company across diverse industry sectors in Australia.