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As best Australian Design & Drafting services, we provide excellent design for manufacturing products to support new products for Design For Manufacturing Service, documentation, drafting services, design for manufacturing service and mechanical packaging recommendations. We provide the best test equipment, manufacturing and low-cost region outsourcing solutions.

Design For Manufacturing Service


We as a company offer an easy to manufacturing process with adding cost estimation, material selection and manufacturing process and its impacts on product design. We focus on reducing the number of parts, modular design, and standard design with maintaining simple and symmetrical product design.

Design For Manufacturing Service

Early product Material selection, cost estimating, and Manufacturing Process is planning early visualization of the manufacturing process and its impact on product design.

  • Avoid expensive and
  • time-consuming manufacturing processes.
  • Considering
  • environmental issues

Astrid offers excellent DFM related engineering services that help the manufacturer to design the product without any hassle. We aim to avoid any expensive and time-consuming manufacturing issues at the best design level. We offer an environment and geographical standard and regulation-based assistance, which helps the product comply with major design requirements. Every new product design allows customers to develop an existing product that we are asked to redesign and goes through a DFM cycle. Redesigning is a current part of a product that is lighter, stronger and smaller. We gained sufficient experience to assure our customers are successful.

We begin our project by evaluating the goals and functions of the product. Once we obtain an accurate understanding of our customer's goals, we start the process of material selection. We have a team that analyze details related to design and offer insight on weight, gravity, strength and overall design with reducing development cost and time to market. The rising cost of materials is defined as a significant roadblock to commercial success. With paying a great deal of attention to selecting a reasonably priced material. We are capable of withstanding all the processes that it will be subjected to.

Our team identifies the product's areas by making it lighter, either by adding ribs or removing material in the next step. Designing product parts can be cast instead of welded to reduce manufacturing and material costs since welding is expensive and time-consuming. Design for manufacturing assembly is a kind of methodology and tools used to evaluate how to simplify an existing or future-ready product design.

ASTCAD offers DFMA services that lead to better supply chain cost management, product quality and better manufacturing, and better communication between design, management, manufacturing, and purchasing. We focus on simplifying the design of a product to improve the manufacturing and efficiency of assembly.

Design For Manufacturing Service - AUSTRALIAN DESIGN & DRAFTING SERVICE

Our services include integrated design, prototyping, simulation, and manufacturing. We manage our tools so that your product's development and delivery are risk-free and meet the product's quality and cost. We work with our client while developing new or existing product specifications with ensuring that the design flows all through the supply chain.

Our products are optimized to work under diverse operating conditions such as shock, vibration and wind loading. Our projects are implemented under a concurrent engineering environment. We test and simulate, and optimize our customer's product design before committing to manufacture, which is prone to unavoidable risks. Our project manager has years of experience developing the best design process using a wide range of architectural designs. We have capabilities in electromagnetic modelling, 3D Computer-Aided Design (CAD), and Finite Element (FE) thermal and structural analysis simulation helps us to achieve these targets.

We utilize rapid prototyping machines to turn our designs into physical reality in a variety of inexpensive materials. This is part of our effort to reduce risks before committing to volume manufacture. We offer our services for new products as well as to fine-tune an already existing product.

Design for Manufacturing (DFM) is a service that focuses on optimizing product design with manufacturing considerations in mind. The goal of DFM is to improve the efficiency, quality, and cost-effectiveness of the manufacturing process. DFM services help bridge the gap between product design and production, ensuring that the design is suitable for large-scale manufacturing.

Here are some key aspects of a Design for Manufacturing service:

  1. Design Evaluation: DFM experts analyze the product design to identify potential manufacturing challenges and opportunities for improvement. They assess factors such as component complexity, material selection, assembly processes, and manufacturing equipment requirements.
  2. Design Simplification: The DFM service aims to simplify the product design to minimize manufacturing complexity and reduce costs. This may involve consolidating components, optimizing geometries, or standardizing parts to enhance efficiency during production.
  3. Material Selection: DFM considers the choice of materials for the product design. Materials should be readily available, cost-effective, and suitable for the manufacturing processes involved. DFM experts can provide guidance on material selection based on their knowledge of manufacturing capabilities and limitations.
  4. Design for Assembly (DFA): DFA focuses on designing products that are easy to assemble. DFM services provide recommendations to simplify assembly processes, reduce the number of parts, and optimize tolerances and clearances. DFA helps streamline production and reduce assembly time and costs.
  5. Design for Quality and Reliability: DFM considers factors that impact product quality and reliability. This includes designing for proper tolerances, ensuring adequate strength and durability, and considering potential failure modes and mitigation strategies.
  6. Design for Cost-Effectiveness: DFM services aim to optimize the product design to minimize manufacturing costs. This involves reducing material waste, optimizing production processes, and simplifying assembly. DFM experts can identify cost-saving opportunities without compromising product functionality or quality.
  7. Prototyping and Testing: DFM often involves creating prototypes to validate the design's manufacturability. Prototyping allows for iterative improvements based on manufacturing constraints and feedback from the manufacturing team. Testing helps identify and address any issues before full-scale production.
  8. Collaboration with Manufacturers: DFM services facilitate collaboration between designers and manufacturers. DFM experts work closely with manufacturing teams to understand their capabilities, provide design guidelines, and ensure seamless integration of design and production.

By incorporating DFM principles early in the product development stage, manufacturers can streamline the manufacturing process, reduce costs, improve quality, and enhance overall efficiency. DFM services help optimize the design for manufacturing, leading to successful and cost-effective production of the product.