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Design for Manufacturability

Australian Design & Drafting Service offers manufacturing services that include Design for Manufacturability (DFM) – the art of designing a product in a way that makes it easy to manufacture. The purposes of designing for manufacturability are as follows,

  • Early product cost estimating, Material selection and Manufacturing Process planning
  • Early visualization of manufacturing process and its impact on product design
  • Avoid expensive and time consuming manufacturing process
  • Considering environmental issues

Every new product design that our customers require us to develop, or every existing product that we are asked to redesign, goes through a DFM cycle. Redesigning an existing part of a product, or even the whole product, to be lighter, stronger and smaller is a common trend today and we have gained sufficient experience to assure our customers of success.

We begin each project by evaluating the goals and functions of the product. Once we acquire an accurate understanding of our customer’s goals, we begin the process of material selection. The rising cost of materials is often a major roadblock to commercial success. We pay a great deal of attention to the selection of a material that is reasonably priced and is capable of withstanding all the processes that it will be subjected to.

Identifying areas of the product that can be made lighter either by adding ribs or by removing material is an essential next step. Designing product parts that can be cast instead of welded can reduce material and manufacturing costs, since welding is an expensive and time-consuming process.

Design for manufacturing assembly or DFMA is a methodology and tool set that is used to evaluate how to simplify an existing or future product design and / or manufacturing process to achieve significant cost savings. We, at ASTCAD, offer DFMA services that lead to better supply chain cost management, better manufacturing and product quality, and better communication between design, management, manufacturing, and purchasing.


Our services include integrated design, simulation, prototyping and manufacturing. We configure our tools such that the development and delivery of your product is risk free and meets the quality and cost targets. We work with our customers while developing new or existing product specifications and ensure that the clarity of design flows all through the supply chain.

Our products are optimized to work under diverse operating conditions such as shock and vibration, and wind loading. We implement our projects under a concurrent engineering environment and simulate, test and optimize our customer’s product design before committing to manufacture, which is prone to unknown risks. Our experience and capabilities in electromagnetic modeling, 3D Computer Aided Design (CAD), and Finite Element (FE) thermal and structural analysis simulation enables us to achieve these targets.

We utilize rapid prototyping machines to turn our designs into physical reality in a variety of inexpensive materials. This is part of our effort to reduce risks before committing to volume manufacture. We offer our services for new products as well as to fine tune an already existing product.

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