Transforming Business by Design

At the Australian Design & Drafting company, we offer comprehensive architectural design services. It allows to conceive and develop every building design with 3D imaging and visualizations. Our project managers are having years of experience inherent design potential with ease. Our team can work with minimal inputs from the client through all pre-construction stages of a project.

Our broad range of architectural design services comes with 3D CAD Models Design, 3D Interior/Exterior Models Design, 3D House/Floor Plan Design. They are tailored to suit individual project needs and help clients across various concept generation stages, design, development, project management and marketing. We specialize in stand-alone projects and serve all modelling requirements to ensure the user gets the required details from the BIM model.


  • 3D Concept Design
  • 3D Interior Design
  • 3D Exterior Design
  • House Plan Design
  • Modern Interior Design
  • Furniture Design
  • Landscape Design & Drafting
  • Architectural Layout Plans
  • Retail Space Planning & Design
  • Bridge Plan Design
  • 3D Floor & Roof Plans Design
  • Building Model Design

We specialise in delivering Architectural 3D modelling, design, and visualisation support for newly built retrofits, refurbishment and renovation projects. We possess an extensive range of skills and are committed to design excellence. We use a simple 3D AutoCAD design process along with providing comprehensive design and documentation services.


  • Access to the best engineering resources and qualified architects
  • High-quality and low cost
  • Expertise in working on international projects
  • Work with your very own dedicated remote resource
  • Freedom from liabilities
  • Ability to manage your project in your way
  • Customised services

Our team of qualified and experienced architects and engineers can address all specific requirements of commercial, residential and institutional architectural design services for aviation, heavy engineering, oil & gas, retail, health care and educational sectors.


Our Expert Engineers & Drafters are versatile enough to use any software that your process might require. We have successfully managed several Architectural projects involving software such as AutoCAD, ArchiCAD, Revit Architecture, Architectural Desktop, Microstation, and 3D Studio Max.

Architectural Design and Drafting Services for Industry’s

Architectural drafting and design services for industries involve the creation of architectural designs, construction drawings, and technical documentation for various industrial projects. These services cater to the specific needs of industries such as manufacturing facilities, warehouses, industrial complexes, and infrastructure development. Here’s an overview of architectural design and drafting services for industries:

  1. Conceptual Design: Architectural services start with the development of conceptual designs based on client requirements, project objectives, and site conditions. Design professionals work closely with industry clients to understand their specific needs, functional requirements, and aesthetic preferences.
  2. 2D and 3D Drafting: Architectural drafting services involve the creation of accurate 2D and 3D drawings based on conceptual designs. These drawings include floor plans, elevations, sections, site plans, and detailed construction documentation. Both 2D and 3D drafting provide comprehensive visual representations of the proposed architectural design.
  3. Building Information Modeling (BIM): BIM services utilize advanced software platforms to create intelligent 3D models that incorporate architectural, structural, and MEP (mechanical, electrical, plumbing) components. BIM allows for enhanced collaboration, clash detection, and coordination among various disciplines involved in industrial projects.
  4. Construction Drawings: Architectural drafting services generate detailed construction drawings that serve as a roadmap for builders, contractors, and tradespeople. These drawings include detailed specifications, dimensions, material requirements, and construction details necessary for executing the architectural design accurately.
  5. Interior Design and Space Planning: In addition to the architectural design, these services can include interior design and space planning solutions tailored to industrial settings. The design team considers functional layouts, workflow optimization, ergonomics, and aesthetic considerations to create efficient and visually appealing interior spaces.
  6. Code Compliance and Regulatory Approvals: Architectural drafting and design services ensure that the proposed designs comply with local building codes, regulations, and industry standards. They assist in obtaining necessary permits and approvals from regulatory authorities, ensuring compliance with safety, accessibility, and environmental requirements.
  7. Visualization and Rendering: Architectural design services often provide visualization and rendering capabilities to help clients visualize the proposed designs in a realistic manner. High-quality visualizations, including 3D renderings and virtual tours, assist in marketing, client presentations, and decision-making processes.
  8. Sustainable Design and Energy Efficiency: Architectural design services can incorporate sustainable design principles and energy-efficient solutions into industrial projects. This includes considerations for natural lighting, energy-efficient HVAC systems, renewable energy integration, and environmentally friendly materials, contributing to sustainability goals and reduced operational costs.
  9. Project Management and Coordination: Architectural drafting and design services can offer project management and coordination support, collaborating with other stakeholders, such as engineers, consultants, and contractors. This ensures seamless integration of architectural designs with other project components and facilitates efficient project execution.

Architectural drafting and design services for industries combine creative design solutions with technical expertise to meet the unique requirements of industrial projects. They help industries achieve functional, efficient, and visually appealing architectural designs while adhering to industry regulations and standards. These services contribute to the successful execution of industrial projects, optimizing space utilization, and enhancing operational effectiveness.