A Selection of Our Signature Mechanical Projects


Fixed platforms, walkways, stairways and ladders

Fabrication Shop Evaluate

CFD helps to predict the flow behaviour inside building HVAC application

Concept to Manufacturing Support for Process Yarns and Fabric Reinforcement Manufacturer

Design Solution for Bunded Fuel Tanks of Different Capacities & Regulatory Standards

Development of an Optimized Oil Storage Tank Design

Effective Value Engineering Services delivered by Australian Design and Drafting Services for a leading Open Pit Mining Industry in Australia

Finite Element Analysis to Locate & Analyse Fracture in a Universal Joint

Life Assessment of Valve Component Subjected to Internal Pressure Loading

Parametric Revit MEP Families for Manufacturing and Installation of MEP Equipment in Australia

Reverse Engineering and Virtual Prototyping for Caravan Parts and Accessories

Reverse Engineering using Pro/E Modeling & Scanning Techniques

Reverse Engineering of Automotive Components

Seismic Qualification of RTO System Base Using Finite Element Analysis

Studying the Effects of Impact Loading, Shock Loading and Thermal Loading on Vertical Fiber Optic Splice Closure Using FEA

Thermal Qualification Analysis of the Radiation Detector Assembly for Power Plants

Australian Design & Drafting Services: Your Partner in Mechanical Projects

At Australian Design & Drafting Services, we understand the intricacies of bringing your mechanical projects from concept to fruition. Our highly skilled and certified professional team offers a comprehensive suite of mechanical design and drafting services to cater to your specific needs across various industries.

Unmatched Expertise in Mechanical Design

Our design engineers possess in-depth knowledge of mechanical principles, materials, and manufacturing processes. This expertise allows us to create innovative and functional designs that meet your project requirements, including:

Conceptual Design: We collaborate closely with you to understand and translate your vision into a clear and concise conceptual design. This initial stage lays the foundation for the entire project.

3D Modeling: Utilizing advanced CAD software like SolidWorks, Inventor, and Creo, we create detailed 3D models that accurately represent your project’s components and assemblies. These models facilitate visualization, design validation, and smoother manufacturing integration.

Jigs and Fixture Design: Our team designs and drafts specialized jigs and fixtures to ensure precise part positioning and repetitive manufacturing tasks, improving efficiency and quality control.

Machine Design: We have extensive experience designing complete machines, from simple mechanisms to complex automated systems. Our expertise encompasses kinematic analysis, power transmission, and machine selection to ensure optimal functionality.

Plant Layout and Equipment Modeling: Australian Design & Drafting Services assists in optimizing your facility layout by creating detailed 2D and 3D models that represent equipment placement, piping systems, and workflow considerations.

Reverse Engineering: Need to recreate an existing mechanical component without readily available design data? Our team leverages their skills and specialized software to generate accurate 3D models and 2D drawings through a meticulous reverse engineering process.

Seamless Mechanical Drafting Services

Our certified mechanical AutoCAD drafting specialists meticulously translate your design concepts into clear, concise, and industry-standard technical drawings. These drawings serve as the blueprint for manufacturing and construction, ensuring precise communication and reducing errors:

2D Detail Drawings: We generate detailed 2D drawings with accurate dimensions, tolerances, and annotations, providing all the necessary information for component fabrication.

Assembly Drawings: Our team creates comprehensive assembly drawings illustrating the complete product or machine, including proper component placement, interconnection details, and Bill of Materials (BOM).

Shop Drawings: Australian Design & Drafting Services can produce detailed shop drawings specifically tailored for fabrication purposes. These drawings clearly depict the necessary cuts, bends, and assembly instructions for efficient manufacturing.

Finite Element Analysis (FEA) Drawings: When structural integrity is critical, we can incorporate FEA results into our drawings, highlighting stress concentrations and potential failure points for informed design decisions.

Why Choose AD&DS for Your Mechanical Projects

By partnering with Australian Design & Drafting Services, you gain a distinct advantage in your mechanical projects:

Precision and Efficiency: Our expertise ensures accurate designs, clear communication, and streamlined project execution.

Reduced Costs: Optimized designs minimize material waste and improve manufacturing efficiency, saving costs.

Faster Time to Market: Our efficient processes expedite project completion times, allowing you to bring your products to market quicker.

Enhanced Quality: We adhere to the highest standards throughout the design and drafting process, ensuring a superior final product.

Experienced Team: Our vast industry knowledge ensures tailored solutions that meet your specific project requirements.

Extensive Experience Across Diverse Industries

AD&DS has a proven track record of success in a wide range of industries, including:

Mining and Resources

Oil and Gas



Power Generation

Renewable Energy

Automation and Robotics

HVAC Systems

Let’s Collaborate on Your Next Mechanical Project

At Australian Design & Drafting Services, we are passionate about transforming your ideas into tangible mechanical solutions. Contact us today to discuss your project requirements and experience the exceptional value we deliver.