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Get the best electrical CAD drafting services for clients located across Australia. We have a team of electrical engineers who make it easy to spot mistakes or errors by delivering continuous safe, reliable and excellent equipment in Australia. We are the best design and drafting service provider with expertise in design, including electrical drafting strategies and aligning them with design goals. We have worked with a lot of organisations and make the process easy to understand.

By offering excellent electrical drafting services, we provide the best assistance with our CAD drafting services. As a result, our client gets benefits from our improved quality, increased design productivity and product business value. Furthermore, we aim to understand the specific needs of our clients by delivering innovative methodologies that provide on-time projects without compromising on the quality of deliverables.


In our electrical project, design and layout can easily make or break a system. To deliver the best quality solutions and improve design productivity, we use ECAD engines. It connects panel layout, schematic design, cable block diagrams, terminal diagrams, and wiring design tasks into one design. Our advanced technologies and skilled team of CAD experts enable us to deliver Electrical CAD drafting services to the best. We take care of all your PCB requirements. We use the latest technologies and software design to get perfect PCB Design and Layout solutions.


  • Electrical design and layout solutions for industrial, commercial, and public buildings
  • Electrical conduit design services
  • Electrical diagrams
  • Interior electrical design
  • Electrical schematic design
  • Electrical layouts and schematics
  • Electrical single line diagrams and site plans
  • Electrical as-Built drawings
  • Fire alarm systems
  • HV reticulation site plan
  • Interior/ exterior lighting
  • Ladder logic drawings
  • Wiring Diagrams
  • Quality of Our Electrical Designs and Layouts

Quality of Our Electrical Designs and Layouts

We successfully serve the client by offering them clear, clean and corrected drafted engineering drawings committed to delivering the highest quality services. We have a professional team that is familiar with advanced and rigid security infrastructure codes. With a premier electrical design and layout service provider, we possess the most diverse set of resources comprising electrical engineers and the latest software, which helps us cater to all the designing requirements (complex or simple) with perfection. Moreover, our technical know-how and domain expertise help us provide eco-friendly and reliable energy solutions across all industries. As a result, we create the incredibly best high-quality CAD drafting services that best suit our client's needs and budget.


  • Automated coordinate extraction
  • Electrical wiring
  • Cable/harness drawings
  • Construction plans for the electricity and gas distribution networks
  • Emergency and exit lighting
  • Design of templates and blocks
  • Testing of heavy industrial equipment
  • Design, engineering and installation of electrical projects
  • Electrical lighting design Services (including internal)
  • Repairs and maintenance programs
  • Various types of industrial and commercial electrical services
  • Quality of Our Electrical Drafting and Layouts
  • Energy conservation solutions

Quality of Our Electrical Draftings and Layouts

We deliver consistent services and aim to understand the specific needs of the clients. Australian Design & Drafting is one of the fastest-growing electrical drafting services providers specialised in electrical plans. Our electrical drafting services of commercial, educational, industrial, institutional, residential and non-building structures team deliver excellent crafted engineering designs. We are committed to meet our customer's requirements. We specialise in electrical drafting services for Electrical rooms, hospitals, substations, educational buildings, industrial buildings, residential buildings and commercial buildings.

Our highly skilled and trained professionals with an electrical engineering background have expertise in layout drawings, drafting wiring diagrams, circuit board assembly diagrams and schematic diagrams. The tools are used for the best suitable electrical plans with various sized electrical projects. Our Australian Design & Drafting wide range of electrical drafting services offer total life-cycle support for onsite and offshore projects.

Every client's project is customised to meet the exact requirements, as we believe that every project is different and needs to deliver it with precision. We do understand the importance of quality and accuracy while providing electrical drafting services to our clients. We are proud of our processes, performance and our ability to respond to our client's needs. Therefore, if you have decided to outsource an Electrical CAD drawings service, then you're in the right place. Let's give your company a competitive edge.

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