Architectural Drafting Services

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Architectural Drafting Services

Australian Design and Drafting Services is one best reputable CAD drafting firm. Our architectural drafting involves 10 years of CAD expertise in its organizational process which enhance architectural projects. Our architectural drafting services cover a wide array of projects beginning from tendering services, producing plans, construction, and management of facility for residential, commercial, industrial, retail projects. Our designer work defines designing elements used for building excellent AutoCAD design and drafting services. We expertise the following areas:

  • Commercial Buildings
  • Residential buildings
  • Educational buildings
  • Government buildings
  • Industrial buildings
  • Parking and storage
  • Religious buildings
  • Agricultural/Farm buildings


Architectural Drafting Services

At Australian Design and Drafting Services, we offer best team of CAD drafters and engineers experienced in all aspects of architectural design. We strive for trending technology by making 2D engineering drawings, 3D CAD drawings and other outsourcing CAD conversion services. We assist you in handling the drafting of building and structural plans; our certified architects provide comprehensive architecture services not limited to:

  1. a) AutoCAD drawings
  2. b) PDF, PLT files and bar bending schedules
  3. c) Fast bid estimates with precision
  • Conducting Stress Analysis (we also help you conduct stress and frame analysis for your plans while helping you solve the linear and static problems that may occur in your designed structures)


We understand and demonstrate your need to use the meticulous approach to develop 2D drafts or 3D models for your architectural plans. By offering the best work quality, we welcome you to participate in every stage of the development process includes:

  • Consultation Phase: When you contact us, we provide organized and quick consultations to determine your needs. It includes choosing your design technique, setting time duration and providing you with a cost estimate.
  • Design Phase: Next, we design your outsourced architectural drafting based on the details laid down in the collaboration phase. We welcome your input by sharing all work milestones with you.
  • Post-drafting Phase: At Australian Design and Drafting Services, we support you to maximize your designs by offering any extra support you need to convert your file formats, save them or create 3D models from 2D drafts.