Innovation is our strength

Did you want to shift manufacturing of a part to a different partner Reverse Engineering Services company and realized that you don’t have actual manufacturing drawings? Did you want to make design changes to an assembly and noticed that you don’t have the drawings for it? Is the local scanning shop charging you a ransom to reverse engineering Services a part? Do you have a concept that you carved out or modeled with your hands, which you want to be manufactured to the exact level of detail? Send us those parts and we will have manufacturing drawings made for you!

Our company has dealt with customer requirements on a wide scale – be it complexity or size, our team can help you with your challenge. We have carried out work involving class A surfaces as well as electronics intensive consumer products. We have worked on castings, forgings and injection molded parts – parts that are as small as a couple of millimeters as well as those that are several feet in dimensions.

Technology at Australian Design & Drafting lies in skilled hands. Our mechanical engineers come with broad industry experience and have product development and manufacturing experience. They have designed and prototyped products that are complex. A few examples of our efforts include complex automotive castings, investment cast components used in aircraft engines, medical devices and injection molded furniture. Industries that we have served range from hi-technology, medical, consumer electronics to machine tool, automotive and aerospace.

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