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3D Printing Services Australia

Australian Design & Drafting is a one-stop shop 3d printing services provider in different cities. Our knowledgeable and professional team  take pride in assisting and encouraging not only organisations wanting rapid prototyping of any concept ideas or designs but also motivate enthusiasts to turn their ideas into reality utilising latest 3D Printing technology. So, if you seek expertise with getting your creative ideas or concept designs converted into a digital format 3D Model in order to produce a 3D Printed Model, we are just a call away. Our trained staff possess the potential to guide you through from product designing to the product developmental stage.


3D Printing (or additive manufacturing), is by definition, “a printing process of successively layering multiple thin layers of any material specific to requirement resulting in creating a physical object using a digital format of that objects 3D Model. Our qualified team of designers have expertise in using computer aided design software’s such as AutoCAD, Solidworks, Revit, Sketchup or a 3D Scanner which are mainly the software’s widely used to create a three-dimensional digital model.


Our 3D printing enthusiasts team are capable and well-equipped of anything and everything that involves 3D printing. However we mainly offer following 3D Printing services

  • We work in accordance with client’s 3D Printing requirements. We can either accept downloadable 3D Models or repaired and fixed provided by the client, or our expert designers can create one as per client’s requirement followed by printing these Models on our 3D Printers.
  • We offer to advise, assist in calibrating and building providing guidance to the customers wanting to purchase a 3D printer of their own, with the appropriate tools
  • We produce Print-ready 3D CAD models as per client’s reference drawings and conceptual ideas. We offer 3D printing consultations services, Designing and building an original functional prototypes of any object, hobby parts and/or props.
  • Our experts possess the experience of having worked with the designers from varied industries involved in mass production of products build with industry specific standards.

We offer vapor treatment method to produce perfectly smooth prints and for dissolvable support structures an advanced post-processing is also available.


  • Prototyping
  • Modelling
  • Architectural scaled structures
  • Automotive & Aerospace, Industrial Design & Manufacturing,
  • Medical, Mining, Packaging & Education


3D Printing Services Australia

Australian Design & Drafting is your one stop shop solution to discover and print 3D Models. Master-level design services for your important 3D printable content:

  • 3D Modeling for print
  • High-Poly Modeling
  • Industrial Design
  • Conceptual Modeling
  • Rendering
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