cad conversion of reducer gear assembly

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CAD Conversion of Reducer Gear Assembly

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CAD Conversion of Reducer Gear Assembly

Client Profile:

  • Customized Tools & Equipments Manufacturer, Australia

The Objective:

  • To reverse engineer steel strapping machine for design optimization and document design information digitally

The Challenges:

Accurate conversion of 2D drawings into digital 3D CAD model as well as manufacturing and assembly drawings from the available PDF documents

The Solution:

  • The available 2D drawing was analyzed by a team of CAD professionals and the CAD conversion service was executed. Detailed fabrication drawings were also prepared, considering the manufacturing requirements. The final assembly drawing was developed for shop floor requirements

    cad conversion of reducer gear assembly

Technology / Software Used:

  • Pro E wildfire 4.0

As manufacturing techniques continue to rely on computers, the use of computer aided drawings for fabrication purposes is essentially required. Use of CAD allows manufacturers to have a digital documentation of the product being manufactured with detailed information on assembly, manufacturing processes required as well as a 3D visualization of the product.

A leading tools & equipment manufacturer from Australia needed to convert their existing 2D drawings available in PDF format into CAD format. The client also needed to develop manufacturing drawings with appropriate dimensions and representation of manufacturing processes for shop floor requirements.

The Solution:

  • The available 2D drawings in PDF format were converted into CAD format using industry leading CAD software.
  • Based on the drawings developed using the CAD tools, detailed manufacturing drawings were developed describing the manufacturing process required, bill of materials and details about fits and tolerances. An assembly drawing was also developed, based on which a 3D model of the assembly was generated.

cad conversion of reducer gear assembly 2

CAD Conversions Benefits:

  • Comprehensive manufacturing information made available to the client through detailed fabrication drawings
  • Digital documentation provided easier modification in the design whenever required
  • 3D model and assembly drawing assisted in reducing the manufacturing turn around time

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