AutoCAD was initially developed as a design tool for Mac OS. It’s an alternative CAD tool being introduced in the market for Designing and Drafting. AutoCAD has been a favorite for engineers and designers. One such alternative is Vectorworks, it initially developed exclusively for Mac OS, further targeting industries like architecture and construction. It is often referred to as MiniCAD. However, AutoCAD is one of the most compatible and easy to work on. It is essential to convert Vectorworks based MCD Files to DWG File format.

At an Australian design and drafting service company, we have expertise that offers the best quality MCD to DWG conversion services with a quick turnaround time. Several companies spend lots of time and money on the resources to perform this sort of conversion. It does not sound easy, especially when many complex files need to be converted from MCD format to DWG to avoid inaccuracies.

Understand the importance of maintaining accuracy during conversions of file format. The CAD Conversions experts at Australian Design and Drafting Services prioritize ensuring the result of MCD to DWG Conversion. It does not come with an adverse effect on the project. Our CAD conversions experts are well-trained in performing vast amounts of file format conversions efficiently.

With a decade of experience, Australian Design and Drafting Services company is committed to providing affordable price, reliable and easy transition process of MCD to DWG formats. Our CAD conversions experts have performed MCD to DWG Conversion for various industries working for big, medium, and small businesses. Our project managers having years of experience in offering the best MCD to DWG conversion and offer access to many benefits.


  • Layers are preserved when processing the conversion of any file format to DWG format manually.
  • Australian Design and Drafting Services company performs MCD to DWG Conversions adopt manuals and automated processes to ensure accuracy.
  • Merge multiple sheets into a single CAD file can be done quickly.
  • New field notes can easily incorporate into the CAD files
  • Our CAD experts publish the drawings on a website for other colleagues to access and use.
  • It helps to convert all aspects of your drawings (PDF, Image formats), including but not limited to elevations, floor plans, electrical layouts, detail sheets, architectural, structural sheets etc.
  • The final output will be dimensionally accurate and follow the exact specifications of the customer.
  • Our expertise of work on various versions of DWG and MCD Files.


Converting MCD (MicroStation Design File) to DWG (AutoCAD Drawing) format can be advantageous in various scenarios, especially when dealing with interoperability between different CAD software platforms. Here are some advantages of using MCD to DWG conversion services:

  1. Interoperability: AutoCAD DWG files are widely used in the CAD industry, and many design professionals and organizations use AutoCAD as their primary CAD software. Converting MCD files to DWG allows for seamless collaboration and data exchange between different CAD platforms.
  2. Access to AutoCAD Features: AutoCAD offers a wide range of advanced features and tools that may not be available in MicroStation. By converting MCD files to DWG, you can take advantage of these AutoCAD-specific features, such as 3D modeling capabilities, rendering options, and parametric design.
  3. Industry Compatibility: Many industries, such as architecture, engineering, and construction, have standardized on AutoCAD for their design and drafting needs. Converting MCD to DWG ensures that your design files are compatible with industry standards and can be easily shared with clients, contractors, and regulatory authorities.
  4. Legacy Data Conversion: If you have legacy design files in MCD format that need to be preserved or repurposed, converting them to DWG format ensures their continued usability as CAD software evolves.
  5. Cost-Efficiency: Some CAD software licenses can be expensive, and not everyone in a project team may have access to the same software. Converting MCD files to DWG allows you to reduce software licensing costs by enabling team members to work with a more affordable or free DWG viewer or software.
  6. Easier Collaboration: When different team members or organizations work on a project using different CAD software, converting MCD files to DWG streamlines collaboration and minimizes the risk of compatibility issues.
  7. Broader Software Support: DWG files are supported by a wide range of CAD software applications, not just AutoCAD. This means that converted DWG files can be opened and edited in various CAD programs, giving you flexibility in choosing the software that best suits your needs.
  8. Long-Term Accessibility: AutoCAD's popularity and longevity make DWG files a suitable choice for long-term data storage and archiving. By converting MCD files to DWG, you ensure that your design data remains accessible in the future.
  9. Improved Data Integrity: Conversion services often include data validation and correction, which can help improve the integrity of your design files by fixing any potential issues or inconsistencies in the original MCD files.
  10. Customization Options: During the conversion process, you can specify settings and options to tailor the resulting DWG files to your specific requirements, ensuring that they meet your project's standards and needs.