Australian Design and Drafting Services offers the most reliable CAD Conversion (DWG to DGN conversion and vice-versa) solution. We regularly work on AutoCAD and MicroStation, along with an addition to design and CAD drafting. Our professional drafters possess all the skills required to have expertise in CAD. Our project managers have years of experience in offering seamless conversion of DWG to DGN and vice versa. We are one of the best CAD conversion services providers in Australia to provide excellent AutoCAD drawings.

Depending on the client's requirements, our drafters provide manual or software-based CAD conversion services. Our excellent team ensure that the dimensions are accurate and not altered the original specifications of the format. We offer an error-free DWG to DGN or DGN to DWG conversion with ease. Our work performed by the drafters is filtered multiple times. To allow flexibility to edit the drawing files at any given time, differentiation of layers is conducted while working on the file. 


  • Experienced in developing and using a variety of CAD
  • Experience working with projects ranging from commercial blueprints, architectural plans, machine drawings and mechanical drawings.
  • Document management system places the arrangement and archive drawings based on logical assembly flow for easy retrieval.
  • Standalone application, no AutoCAD or MicroStation is added.
  • Part assembly and file naming conventions, folder structures for storage and layer, font styles decided in discussion with the customer before starting a project adhere rigorously.
  • Our team uses the latest version of AutoCAD and MicroStation.
  • The process flow is designed to include the validation of the quality of input data and the output at every stage.
  • Supports batch conversion

DWG To DGN Conversion Service

Our service goes beyond file conversion. If you look for reliable, industry experienced drafters for DWG to DGN Conversion needs, connect with Australian Design and Drafting Services. Our experienced team make a difference in the quality and cost compared to any other service provider in Australia.

Australian Design and Drafting services company provide a full range of 2D Drafting, 3D Modelling, Designing to Animation and Walkthrough. It's for Architectural, Structural, Electrical, Mechanical and Electronics engineering modelling. It comes with a global clientele across the AEC industry. By understanding and delivering as per client requirements, we remain the prime focus for every undertaken project. Quality is maintained with a multi-layered quality check and flexible schedule, and projects are delivered on time.

Our dedicated team use the best design process and consist of an innovative partner. We offer multidisciplinary services for various domains across industries. As a leading Design and Drafting services provider company, we provide the best services at an affordable price. As Australian based company, get comprehensive design and drafting services with 80% recurring clients across Australia. Enhance your business operations, make them smarter, faster and cheaper with ongoing pursuit, backed with two decades of experience. It helped us evolve into a leading customer-centric outsourcing service provider for all your BPO, Software, AEC, and Engineering solutions.

DWG To DGN Conversion

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