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AutoCAD’s monopoly over the design and drafting software market gradually decreases with the increasingly competitive CAD Software for design and drafting, which adds MicroStation. MicroStation preferred an alternative to AutoCAD in terms of functionality. The main difference is the file format of the drawing’s output.

We at Australian Design and Drafting service company offer the most critical element in developing any product that lies in its design. Product designing is performed in either a single CAD design software or on multiple designs and drafting software. If using more than one CAD tool, it is crucial to perform MicroStation conversion readily. Our dedicated project managers have years of experience in offering the best design process at an affordable price.

Australian Design and Drafting services use the right tools. It’s backed up with industry experienced, highly proficient drafters and designers. It performed the MicroStation conversion job with ease and with quick turnaround times. Our drafters and designers possess the skills and knowledge to work efficiently within the given time frame. Thereby saving the client’s valuable time, it reduces the investment in the resources.

Our highly efficient staff are well-capable to perform MicroStation conversion to any other desirable CAD formats the client requires. Our expert team of draftsmen, engineers, quality analysts and project managers ensure to track various project stages and set goals met by the team. Coupled with a stringent quality check process, we turn around projects of all sizes well within the time frame and budget and use the highest accuracy level.


  • Restore damaged and unclear blueprints to vectorized format
  • The process flow is designed to include the validation of the quality of input data as well as the output at every stage
  • Multi-layer drawings
  • Text is separated and has its layer and is recognizable as text
  • Dimensions are intact and are shown by a separate layer
  • Can also work with the latest version of AutoCAD and MicroStation
  • Usage blocks for different entities
  • Supports batch conversion
  • Create a bank of standard components and detail
Microstation Conversion

Microstation Conversion Service

MicroStation Conversion Services offer several advantages for organizations that use Bentley Systems’ MicroStation software or need to convert MicroStation files to other formats. Here are some of the key advantages:

  1. Format Compatibility: MicroStation Conversion Services can convert MicroStation files to various formats, including AutoCAD (DWG and DXF), PDF, and more. This ensures compatibility with other CAD and design software, allowing for seamless collaboration and data exchange with different teams and stakeholders.
  2. Data Preservation: The conversion process aims to preserve the integrity of the original MicroStation files, including their layers, attributes, and metadata. This ensures that critical design and project information remains intact during the conversion.
  3. Enhanced Collaboration: Converting MicroStation files to widely used formats like AutoCAD DWG facilitates collaboration with teams and partners who may not use MicroStation. It streamlines communication and reduces potential compatibility issues when sharing design data.
  4. Access to Advanced Features: Some CAD software, like AutoCAD, may offer advanced features or plugins that are not available in MicroStation. By converting MicroStation files, users can take advantage of these additional capabilities for their design and drafting tasks.
  5. Document Distribution: Converting MicroStation files to PDF or other common formats makes it easier to distribute design documents to clients, contractors, and regulatory agencies. PDFs are widely accepted for documentation purposes and are easily viewable without specialized CAD software.
  6. Streamlined Workflows: MicroStation Conversion Services can be integrated into automated workflows, making it efficient to convert large batches of files consistently and accurately. This can save significant time and reduce manual errors.
  7. Cost Savings: Eliminating the need for multiple CAD software licenses can result in cost savings for organizations that primarily work with MicroStation but occasionally need to collaborate with other software users. It reduces the reliance on expensive software licenses for occasional tasks.
  8. Archiving and Documentation: Converting MicroStation files to archival formats like PDF/A ensures long-term preservation of design data. This is important for compliance with industry regulations and for maintaining historical records.
  9. Standardization: Converting MicroStation files to a standardized format like AutoCAD DWG ensures that design data adheres to industry standards. This can be crucial for projects that require compliance with specific CAD standards or regulations.
  10. Customization: MicroStation Conversion Services may offer options for customization, allowing users to specify conversion settings, scales, and other parameters to meet their specific project requirements.