Raster Image Formats

We are a leading Australian Design and Drafting Services provider with high efficiency of using raster to vector conversions services yielding optimum results. The days are here when engineering, construction, building and manufacturing industries demand complex drawings with a high level of accuracy. It prefers vector images since it is the most preferred mode of drawings and images to work on compared to raster images that have low accuracy levels and are dependent more on resolution. Raster to Vector conversions allow using easy display without any loss in quality.

Our highly skilled and knowledgeable drafters can convert any given raster images to high-quality vector formats. With years of experience in offering successful raster to vector, we use the latest CAD software and tools to hire Australian Design and Drafting Services.

Raster to Vector Conversion services covers:

  • Our CAD conversion services expertise works with various image formats such as TIFF, BMP, CALS, PNG and JPG.
  • We convert CAD drawings with fully vectorized CAD files.
  • We vectorize graphical images with 100% accuracy.


  • Several Industries like mechanical engineering, civil, architectural, home designing and government agencies find raster to vector very helpfully.
  • In the raster to vector process, our cad drafters have years of experience, separate special objects by allotting them to different layers available in the vector format.
  • Our cad conversion team ensure the blocks and attributes are maintained uniformly while we conduct a raster to the vector conversion process.
  • Our cad conversion expertise delivers vector images that are compatible with the freedom and ease to edit most of the cad software with maximizing accuracy.
  • We ensure dimensional accuracy by maintaining its order and deliver highly accurate results.

Australian Design and Drafting Services possess a team of highly knowledgeable CAD Experts, well-qualified Engineers, CAD Draftsman, and project managers determined to deliver high-quality Raster to Vector conversion services. We provide high-quality raster to vector conversion at an affordable price using a hand-drawn process rather than auto-tracing. Among a wide range of drafting companies available, we offer best architectural design services and autoCAD drafting services based on your requirements.

If you’re looking for an efficient, reliable and affordable rate, then call Australian Design and Drafting services now for all your Raster to Vector conversion needs.

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