Innovation is our strength

Product Design

Design and manufacture of special purpose machines for packaging

Conceptual and detailed design and prototyping and testing of Edge grinders for the concrete industry

Hand wrench concept design, testing and prototype

All these and more product design and development projects have been executed by Australian Design & Drafting Service in the past, for companies in the Australian market.

What Separates Us From The Others?

Product development lifecycle knowledge: Our understanding of the Product Development Lifecycle methodologies helps us comprehend the product deeper than most others, enabling us to understand your requirements better. From Concept to Prototype to Testing to Full scale Manufacturing, our mechanical engineers have a wide range of experience.

Testing / validation experience: Our team has both virtual (simulation) as well as experimental testing experience, and has testing proficiency with a wide range of tools. Tools include FEA / CFD, experimental methods like optical methods, vibration / acoustics, etc.

Manufacturing expertise: Our company has a team of mechanical engineers who have a rich experience in being able to produce a manufacturable product, meeting price targets of the customer. Thorough understanding of processes, what outputs to expect from different manufacturing processes, process planning, fixture design and associated areas enable them to deliver superior and cost-effective manufacturing solutions to you.

Program management proficiency: With our experience in the outsourcing industry, we see that the reason why projects fail is not the lack of technical expertise but the lack of effective program management. Our experience in scheduling, resource estimation and allocation, execution control and budgeting, scope management, review mechanisms and cross functional team management helps us achieve customer requirements successfully. Our exposure to high-quality management systems and cost management helps us satisfy both the quality and business needs of our customers.

Some of our customers like to put together configurations from standard parts and let us do the detailed design. Others give us rough concepts and like us to design from scratch. Some others like us to improve on an old idea and make it manufacturable. Mechanical Product 3D Rendering is also a big business that we lead our expertise to. If there's a product that you need help with and want your core team to focus on the more important parts of their jobs, we may be able to serve you.

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