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We develop intelligent construction documentation services that offer essential elements for filling the distance from designing a building and providing information for processing the transformation. We have excellent project managers with years of experience in offering sequential data and providing important information to accomplish the project easily. Our construction documentation comes with a set of comprehensive drawings. It is used by engineers, design professionals, contractors, and suppliers in the construction industry.

We help contractors and builders take the entire construction phase to new heights and refine onsite processes through digitally generated documents. Along with this, it includes video sequencing, graphics and 3D models. We have an expert team of design and drafting services that help extract RFIs, work orders and other bills to initiate clash-free activities.

As the best Australian Design and Drafting Service company, we possess a team of highly efficient Civil Engineers, Architects, Contractors, Designers, Analysts and Fabricators. Our expertise provides construction documentation services that will aid in a seamless and error-free transformation process from design to construction of any building. With years of experience in the construction industry and extensive knowledge of BIM, our expert team deliver detailed construction documents. We offer construction drawings while providing a support system during and after the building is constructed.

We aim to provide appropriate construction documentation by adding the necessary information. We enhance the communication among stakeholders along with adding accurate CD sets for various engineering trades. With our expertise in CAD tools, we ensure minimal wastage, improved efficiency and quality in the building development process.


  • 2D Detailed Drawings for Floor Plan, Section and Elevation
  • Shop Drawings for Steel Structures, Prefabricated Assemblies and Reinforcements
  • Architectural Specification with All Necessary Schedules
  • Plumbing Spool Drawings, Duct Fabrication Drawings and Lighting Layout Drawings
  • Electrical Service Diagram, Electrical Plan and Electrical Panel Schedule
  • Engineering Load And Electrical Load Calculation
Construction Documentation

Construction documentation services

Construction documentation services play a crucial role in the construction industry, offering several advantages to various stakeholders involved in a construction project. Here are some of the key advantages:

  1. Clarity and Communication: Detailed construction documentation provides a clear and comprehensive set of plans, drawings, specifications, and other documents that help all stakeholders (architects, engineers, contractors, subcontractors, and workers) understand the project requirements and design intent. This clarity reduces misunderstandings and promotes effective communication throughout the project.
  2. Legal and Regulatory Compliance: Construction documentation services ensure that the project adheres to all relevant building codes, zoning regulations, and legal requirements. This helps prevent costly legal issues and delays that can arise from non-compliance.
  3. Cost Control: Accurate and detailed documentation helps in estimating costs more precisely. It allows contractors to create more accurate bids and helps project managers monitor costs throughout construction. This can lead to better cost control and the prevention of budget overruns.
  4. Quality Assurance: Construction documents specify the materials, methods, and standards to be followed during construction. This helps maintain quality standards and ensures that the final product meets the design and performance expectations.
  5. Coordination and Planning: Construction documentation services facilitate coordination between different trades and disciplines involved in the project. It helps prevent conflicts and clashes in design and ensures that all components of the project come together seamlessly.
  6. Risk Mitigation: Detailed documentation can help identify potential risks and challenges early in the project, allowing for proactive problem-solving and risk mitigation strategies. This can help prevent costly delays and disputes.
  7. Improved Project Scheduling: Construction documents provide a timeline and sequencing of activities, which is crucial for project scheduling. This helps project managers and contractors plan and execute tasks efficiently, reducing project duration.
  8. Facilitation of Permits and Approvals: Comprehensive documentation is essential for obtaining the necessary permits and approvals from regulatory authorities. It streamlines the process and reduces delays related to permit applications.
  9. Change Management: When changes or modifications to the project are required, construction documentation services provide a baseline against which changes can be evaluated and documented. This helps manage change orders more effectively.
  10. Asset Management: Accurate documentation can serve as a valuable resource for future maintenance, renovations, or additions to the building. It provides a historical record of the construction process and the components used in the project.