construction documentationConstruction documentation is an essential element filling the distance from designing a building to constructing the building, by providing the information for processing the transformation of design on paper to building the actual structure. The purpose of Construction Documentation is to provide important information and specifications of the drawings prepared in order to proceed and accomplish successful construction of any building or structure project. The drawings produced are a representation of dimensional illustration while the construction documentation represent the written specifications of any building.

Australian Design and Drafting Services possesses a team of highly efficient Civil Engineers, Architects, Contractors, Designers , Analysts and Fabricators with expertise in providing Construction documentation services that will aide in a seamless and error free transformation process from design to construction of any building.

With years of experience in the construction industry and extensive knowledge of BIM, our experts deliver detailed construction documents and construction drawings whilst providing support system during and after the building is constructed.

Our aim is to provide appropriate construction documentation with all the necessary information specified clearly which enhances the communication among stakeholders. With our expertise in CAD tools, we ensure minimal wastage, improved efficiency and quality in building development process.


  • 2D Detailed Drawings For Floor Plan, Section And Elevation
  • Shop Drawings For Steel Structures, Prefabricated Assemblies And Reinforcements
  • Architectural Specification With All Necessary Schedules
  • Plumbing Spool Drawings, Duct Fabrication Drawings And Lighting Layout Drawings
  • Electrical Service Diagram, Electrical Plan And Electrical Panel Schedule
  • Engineering Load And Electrical Load Calculations
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