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Building Information Model

We at astCAD uses best digital approach provided as consultant and technologies. Our design comes with a core component of structural and architectural engineering. Every designing detail must be drawn as per the exact specifications before actual work begins. Ensure high levels of quality and accuracy with the help of top construction companies. Choose consultants who use varieties of building information model (BIM) software like Autodesk Revit that can produce detailed building information models. Our BIM models generate valuable intelligence by driving up expectations in the industry.

Want a new building information model for your next project? AstCAD, an Australian Design & Drafting service provider company, has the technology and expertise. Our engineers are well-trained & use the popular BIM software, the top architects and engineers in the industry. We provide the best building information model (BIM) solutions to you. Contact us today to learn more about all of our building information modelling services.

It is essential that every design element properly relay and communicate to the people involved in building vision. It’s where our building information modelling services come in handy. Hire Australian Design & Drafting company to oversee the development of building information & modelling tasks. Get a dedicated team to get quality and accuracy. Create necessary architectural designs for any information-based model.

We strive to meet all industry standards that work with any project regardless of its size and industry. We specialized in perfecting any interior design using drafts, sketches and drawings. We developed this as a part of the design phase.

Our production staff and engineers are trained on Revit and other tools. It works efficiently with architects, engineers and building operators to create the most accurate BIMs possible. We develop all necessary visualizations and documents for construction to ensure your project gets off the ground properly.


At Australian Design & Drafting service provider company, we use Revit software that comes with highly advanced BIM services with the following features:

  • We create and visualize your 3d model using virtual intelligence. We use the designs in a digital space for greater control and visualization of what use is looking for.
  • We incorporate an additional dimension, like the 4th Dimension. It in-corporate time-based modelling to determine how the structure’s development will unfold with timeframe additions to3D models.
  • We detect possible clashes and mitigate all risks. Using advanced modelling tools, we help you recognize and prepare for potential problems within a model and reduce risk before the actual construction begins.
  • We create libraries. The library creation for new and developing projects comes within the Revit framework.
  • We provide construction documents of superior quality. We offer state-of-the-art printing and presentation with accuracy for all construction documents.

It is a collaborative process that involves the creation and management of a 3D model of a building’s design and construction data. BIM services refer to the various activities and technologies used to implement BIM in the design, construction, and operation of buildings and infrastructure projects.

  1. 3D Modeling: BIM services start with the creation of a 3D model of a building or infrastructure project. This model includes all relevant information about the project’s components, such as walls, floors, ceilings, plumbing, electrical systems, HVAC systems, and more.
  2. Collaboration: BIM encourages collaboration among different stakeholders in a construction project, including architects, engineers, contractors, and facility managers. They can work together on the same BIM model, ensuring that everyone has access to the most up-to-date information.
  3. Data Integration: BIM services involve integrating various types of data into the model. This data can include design specifications, materials, costs, scheduling information, and more. The goal is to create a comprehensive database of information related to the project.
  4. Visualization: BIM models can be used to create 3D visualizations and renderings, which help stakeholders better understand the project’s design and construction details. This aids in decision-making and communication.
  5. Clash Detection: BIM software can automatically detect clashes or conflicts in the design, such as pipes running through structural elements. This helps prevent costly errors during construction.
  6. Cost Estimation: BIM can be used for accurate cost estimation throughout the project’s lifecycle, from initial design to construction and maintenance.
  7. Facility Management: BIM models can be used to manage and maintain the building after construction is complete. This includes tracking maintenance schedules, managing assets, and optimizing energy usage.
  8. Sustainability Analysis: BIM services can analyze the environmental impact of a building and help in making design and construction decisions that reduce energy consumption and environmental footprint.
  9. Regulatory Compliance: BIM models can help ensure that a project complies with building codes and regulations by providing accurate data for inspections and approvals.
  10. Project Lifecycle Management: BIM services are not limited to the design and construction phases. They can support the entire lifecycle of a building, from initial concept to demolition and replacement.

BIM services are typically carried out using specialized software tools designed for this purpose. Popular BIM software includes Autodesk Revit, Bentley Systems’ MicroStation, and Trimble’s Tekla Structures, among others. These tools facilitate the creation, management, and sharing of BIM data among project stakeholders.

The adoption of BIM has become increasingly common in the construction and architecture industries due to its potential to improve project efficiency, reduce errors, and enhance collaboration. It has also become a valuable tool for sustainable building practices and facility management.

Additionally, we work with construction companies that serve almost any industry. It includes residential, commercial, educational, corporate, industrial, healthcare and hospitality construction projects, to name a few. There are several features of BIM than stated earlier, helps to maximize the value of the project.