Building Information ModelProper design is the core component of structural and architectural engineering. It is important that every designing detail is coordinated and drawn as per the exact specifications before any actual work begins. To ensure high levels of quality and accuracy in detailing, top construction companies in the world take the help of consultants who use varieties of building information model (BIM) software like Autodesk Revit that is capable of producing detailed building information models.

If you need a new building information model created for your next project, Australian Design & Drafting has the technology and expertise. Our engineers are trained to use the popular BIM software trusted by top architects and engineers in the industry and can provide best building information model (BIM) solutions to you. Contact us today to learn more about all of our building information modeling services.

It is important that every element of the design is properly relayed and communicated to the people involved in building your vision, and that is where our building information modeling services come handy. When you hire Australian Design & Drafting to oversee the development of your building information modeling tasks, you get a team that is dedicated to quality and accuracy, and can create necessary architectural designs for any information based model.

We strive to meet and exceed all industry standards and can work with you on any type of project regardless of its size and industry. We are specialized at perfecting any interior design, using the drafts, sketches and drawings that have been developed as part of your design phase.

Our production staff and engineers trained on Revit and other such software will work efficiently with your architects, engineers and building operators to create the most accurate BIMs possible. They will develop all necessary visualizations and documents for construction, to ensure your project gets off the ground properly.


At Australian Design & Drafting, using Revit software, we offer highly-advanced BIM services with following features:

  • We Create and Visualize your 3d Model Using Virtual Intelligence– We take your designs into a digital space for greater control and visualization of what you want to build
  • We Incorporate An Additional Dimension, 4th Dimension– We incorporate time-based modeling to determine how the structure’s development will unfold with timeframe additions to 3D models
  • We Detect Possible Clashes and Mitigate All Risks– Using advanced modeling tools, we help you recognize and prepare for possible problems within a model and mitigate risk before the actual construction begins
  • We Create Libraries– We offer library creation for new and developing projects within the Revit framework
  • We Provide Construction Documents of Superior Quality– We offer cutting-edge printing and presentation with accuracy for all construction documents

Additionally, we can work with construction companies servicing almost any industry including residential, commercial, educational, corporate, industrial, healthcare and hospitality construction projects to name a few. There are many more features of BIM than stated earlier.

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