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If you’re looking to turn your landscaping concepts into tangible models at an affordable price, AstCAD is for you. We are the best Australian Design & Drafting service provider to help you create a powerful marketing strategy. Our sales tools show your project in its context using landscape design and interior design. We offer master planning, site planning and design, site analysis and evaluation, project management, and cost estimation.

Our concept takes off into the real world like 2D Drafting of your Design. We convert 2D CAD landscape and interior designs into 3D models and 3D renderings. It includes 3D sectional views and 3D photo-hybrid fusion. This covers a 3D model with a photograph of the site from different points of view to create a virtual panorama. We present it in QTVR file format (QuickTime Virtual Reality) to provide an interactive experience.

Landscape Design and Drafting Services

Using preliminary design concept, we, as Australian Design & Drafting services, provide converts landscape design and interior designs to digital formats. Such as DWG, DXF, DGN or other CAD formats. Our project managers have years of experience in offering the best design process and drafting 3D AutoCAD services that match your expectations using different Landscapes like Sketch to CAD conversion, Image to CAD conversion, Paper to CAD conversion.



  1. Preliminary Design Concepts from Australian Design & Drafting:

We have a collaborative approach that works best in an interactive process of communication and decision-making. The result in designs suits your landscape and interior requirements. All this comes with a competitive rate while ensuring the highest levels of quality and competence.

Services expressly provided are:

  • Master planning
  • Site planning and design
  • Site analysis and evaluation
  • Project management
  • Cost estimation
  1. 2D Drafting and Detailing of Interior and Landscape Designs

Australian Design & Drafting offer excellent CAD services for 2D Drafting from preliminary design data and sketches. It comes with Pdf or tiff files of design such as Plans, elevations, sections and printed drawings.

  • Inputs:

It helps to submit Interior and Landscape designs in the form of Design Concepts, Hand Sketches, Reference Samples, Scope of Work Instructions, CAD Standards.

  • Outputs:

Interior and Landscape designs are converted to digital formats like DWG, DXF, DGN or other CAD formats.

  1. 3D Modelling services:

3d modelling services of landscape, building interior, and exterior designs is the only way to view spaces virtually before construction. Perspective drawings are required to present material for providing concepts of the development application. The realistic models of Interior and Landscape designs transform them into blueprints to life and depict colour, depth and reality. It forms designs that vary, resulting in a flexible approach to 3D visualization and design rendering concepts. Interiors design concepts can be explicitly measured with regards to dimensions, furniture size and location.

Our 3D modelling services comes concerning Interior and Landscape drafting like:

  • Conversion of legacy 2D drawings to 3D solid modelling
  • 3D Drafting from 2D CAD Formats
  • 3D Design Modelling
  • 3D Sectional Views
  • 3D Photo-Hybrid Fusion of 3D Model with Photograph of Site 
  1. 3D Rendering

Rendering added to solid 3D Models of Interior and landscape designs. It shows the effects of various lighting conditions. It adds realism, offers a dynamic impact to the 3D model, and shows sunlight, artificial light, or shadows on the model.

  1. QTVR Formats (Interactive Files)

A Virtual panorama derived by fusing Interior and landscape 3D Models views comes from different points of view. It creates a seamless picture that is visualized interactively from several different perspectives.


Our professional team of graphic artists and interior and landscape designers have a year of experience in state-of-the-art software. It delivers 3D models, animations and renderings that provide necessary dimensions and impact to your landscape and interior designs. The team members who graduate as engineers come with ample experience in the landscape design and drafting processes. The landscape design output can be modified at any point in the process to suit your requirements. Choose us to get in touch with our best landscape planning and design services.