Modeling Services

Are you trying to get the best furniture designed for your home or office, or looking for 3D furniture models to visualize how the furniture will look after production?  If yes, then you have reached the right destination. At Australian Design & Drafting, we have been providing flawless and life-like 3D furniture modeling design services for over 13 years. With thousands of extremely satisfied global customers, our 3D furniture models will not only help you cut costs, but also help you move to a more permanent solution by replacing legacy furniture photography processes.

Our 3D furniture model designers can create 3D models from 2D drawings and even rough sketches, allowing you to showcase various furniture attributes such as aesthetics, functionality, storage etc. in the best possible light.


Furnishing and decoration have always complemented building activities, necessitating the creation of fresh and attractive furniture designs. This is where 3D furniture modeling plays a vital role. It has evolved in a big way, especially with the increase in demand for all kinds of furniture.

It makes business sense for companies to be absolutely sure of the furniture they will be buying; therefore they prefer to go a step further than normal blueprints by opting for realistic 3D representation of the furniture.

At Australian Design & Drafting, we understand that not every company has easy availability of skilled resources or the time to create 3D furniture models. By opting for our efficient services you can –

  • Get to market faster by visualizing the furniture in a 3D space, making modifications as required and getting the prototype ready in quick succession
  • Change scenes, styles, textures etc. without costly physical rebuilding, thereby saving more time and resources
  • Replace traditional and expensive methods and allow for more flexible customization options


We create 3D furniture models that provide detailed insights into how your furniture would look like, making sure that the texture, color and the subtle contours of the furniture are appropriately replicated. Our 3D furniture models help in creating modern furniture designs for all our clients ranging from furnishing designers to global furniture manufacturers.

All our models are designed by expert 3D modelers who leverage granular texture effects and accurate color reproduction to ensure a sense of reality for each and every 3D furniture model.

We provide the following services:

  • Commercial furniture modeling
  • Individual seat furniture Modeling
  • 3D Modeling for recreation and relaxation
  • Storage furniture Modeling
  • Industrial furniture Modeling
  • Healthcare organization furniture Modeling
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