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Australian design and drafting company offer the best furniture design for your home or office. If you’re seeking to get 3D furniture models to visualize, then we offer excellent 3D furniture modelling services. At Australian Design & Drafting, we provide flawless and life-like 3D furniture modelling design services for over 13 years. With thousands of delighted global customers, our 3D furniture models help to cut costs. We use best design process and helps to move to a more permanent solution by replacing legacy furniture photography processes.

Our 3D furniture model designers create 3D models from 2D drawings and even rough sketches. It allows showcasing various furniture attributes like aesthetics, functionality, storage etc., in the best possible light. Our project managers having years of experience, create enhanced work, productivity and effective space management. We have a dedicated team who handle varieties of furniture at an affordable price.


Furnishing and decoration have complemented building activities, necessitating the creation of fresh and attractive furniture designs. It is where 3D furniture modelling plays a vital role. It evolved in a big way, especially with the increase in demand for all kinds of furniture.

Modeling Services

It does makes business sense for companies to be sure of the furniture they will be buying. Therefore, it’s preferred to go a step further than regular blueprints. One can opt for a realistic 3D representation of the furniture.

  • At Australian Design & Drafting, our team understand not every company has easy availability of skilled resources. At time, we create 3D furniture models and opt for our efficient services:
  • Get to market faster by visualizing the furniture in a 3D space, making modifications as required and getting the prototype ready quickly.
  • Change scenes, styles, textures etc. comes without costly physical rebuilding, saving more time and resources.
  • Replace traditional and expensive methods and allow more flexible customization options.


We create 3D furniture models that come with detailed insights into how the furniture looks. We make sure the texture, colour and subtle contours of the furniture replicate appropriately. Our 3D furniture models help to create modern furniture designs for all clients. It ranges from furnishing designers to global furniture manufacturers.

Our models are designed by expert 3D modelers who leverage granular texture effects and accurate colour reproduction with ensuring a sense of reality for each 3D furniture model.

We provide the following services:

  • Commercial furniture modelling
  • Individual seat furniture Modelling
  • 3D Modelling for recreation and relaxation
  • Storage furniture Modelling
  • Industrial furniture Modelling
  • Healthcare organization furniture Modelling

3D Furniture Modeling Service

3D furniture modeling services offer several advantages in various industries, including interior design, furniture manufacturing, e-commerce, and marketing. Here are some of the key advantages of utilizing 3D furniture modeling services:

  1. Realistic Visualization: 3D modeling allows for the creation of highly realistic and detailed representations of furniture. This helps customers, designers, and manufacturers to see how furniture pieces will look in real-life settings before they are built or purchased.
  2. Cost Savings: 3D modeling reduces the need for physical prototypes, saving both time and money in the design and production processes.
  3. Design Iteration: Designers can easily make changes and iterate on furniture designs in the digital space. This flexibility allows for rapid prototyping and testing of different design concepts.
  4. Customization: 3D modeling services enable the customization of furniture pieces to meet specific customer requirements. This is especially valuable in the furniture industry, where personalization is often in demand.
  5. Marketing and Advertising: 3D models can be used for marketing and advertising purposes. They can be incorporated into product catalogs, websites, and promotional materials to showcase furniture products effectively.
  6. Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR): 3D models can be integrated into VR and AR applications, allowing customers to visualize furniture in their own spaces through mobile apps or VR headsets.
  7. Reduced Material Waste: By refining designs in a virtual environment, manufacturers can reduce material waste by ensuring that the final product is precisely what is needed.
  8. Global Collaboration: With 3D models, teams can collaborate on furniture designs and projects regardless of their geographical locations. This fosters efficient collaboration among designers, manufacturers, and stakeholders.
  9. Inventory Management: E-commerce businesses can maintain virtual inventories of furniture products, eliminating the need for large physical warehouses. This can reduce overhead costs and improve inventory management.
  10. Sustainability: 3D modeling promotes sustainable practices by allowing designers and manufacturers to optimize materials and reduce waste. It also enables the creation of eco-friendly designs.
  11. Improved Decision-Making: 3D models provide a clear and comprehensive view of furniture designs, aiding decision-making processes for both designers and customers.
  12. Competitive Advantage: Businesses that use 3D furniture modeling services can gain a competitive edge by offering enhanced visualization and customization options to their customers.