What is Structural 2D-3D Drafting Service?

Structural drawings are an essential component of construction projects. They form the soul of buildings and structures, taking them through fabrication and erection. Over the evolution of mankind, structural drawings and drafting have also reached a higher level.

What is Structural 2D-3D Drafting Service?

They are now available as services by professionals with advanced knowledge of 2D and 3D structural drawings. Let's try to understand structural 2D and 3D drafting services, their benefits, and their differences.

What is structural 2D drafting?

Structural 2D drafting is the process of creating technical drawings highlighting the dimensions, materials, and structure of a building. It is a part of every construction project, providing blueprints and construction designs to be used by engineers and architects.

While you might think of structural 2D drafting as mere pencil and paperwork, it has also become computerized, using CAD software as a medium. Computer-aided design helps drafters come up with accurate designs, precisely representing building layouts, elevations, and various sections of structures.

What is structural 3D drafting?

Structural 3D drafting is another way of designing buildings and structures. It gives a three-dimensional view of the drawings, thus making it easier for engineers, erectors, and fabricators to carry out construction projects and build strong and safe structures.

Structural 3D drafting can also be done using CAD software to develop an efficient draft of architectural designs. Structural 3D drafting gives you more flexibility in viewing the designs from different angles and manipulating them to best match the expectations of stakeholders and clients.

What are the advantages of 3D drafting?

Structural 3D drafting comes with many advantages over 2D drafting. As we all know, 3D drawings provide a more realistic view of construction drafts and help you effectively re-think your ideas.

Moreover, the chances of errors and reworks are less due to effective collaboration with other teams of construction projects. Hence, 3D drafting helps you develop a strong plan and layout for a grand structure.

Why should you choose structural drafting services?

If you are looking forward to a successful construction project, structural drafting services can help you come out with flying colours. Structural drafting services include professionals with high expertise and years of experience dealing with architectural projects.

Hence, it gives you access to accurate, detailed construction drawings with minimized errors and rework. Moreover, structural drafting services consist of designers with advanced communication skills, thus making it efficient to collaborate with engineers, fabricators, stakeholders, and other trades.

So, with structural drafting services, you get faster and more advanced construction designs with a lot of cost savings on construction investments.

How to Use Structural 2D-3D Drafting Service?


Structural 2D and 3D drafting form the backbone of construction projects. While structural 2D drafting gives you fine detail on the structural dimensions, 3D drafting provides a three-dimensional view of the structures. Computer-aided software helps create 2D and 3D drafts with utmost precision and accuracy. Hence, you can now avail of structural 2D and 3D drafting services and give life to your construction projects.