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CASE STUDY – Drafting Services and Electrical Engineering Design


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Case Study Highlights

Schematics, Line Diagrams & Wiring Diagrams for Control Panels

The Client:

  • Industry : Heavy Engineering Company
  • Location : Australia

The Objective:

  • To convert hand-drawn sketches to 2D CAD Drawing from Electrical Control Panels.

The Challenges:

  • To maintain the standard drawing conventions used for electrical symbols.
  • To identify the missing information from the sketches.
  • To deliver the output of CAD files within specified deadlines.

Technology / Software Used:

Electrical drawings are crucial for conveying how the electrical components are connected to serve specified functions. A well-defined wiring diagram considerably reduces the wiring efforts and minimizes the possibility of errors during the actual installation. Australian Design and Drafting Services provide the best CAD solutions that lead to PLC manufacturers and provide detailed wiring diagrams. It includes schematic layouts and line diagrams that are based on inputs.

The Solution:

We utilized AutoCAD to convert hand-drawn sketches into various detailed wiring diagrams. We include schematic layouts and other line diagrams required by the customer. We ensure to provide the best standard conventions for electrical symbols. It covers 2D drawings that check for missing information and avoid possible errors during installation. The conversion is accomplished within the specified time frame, and the output files are provided as per the format requested by the client.


It helps in minimizing errors that encounter during installation.

It supports offering the best layouts and wiring diagrams.

Also, it reduces the wiring efforts during installation.

About Australian Design and Drafting Services:

Australian Design and Drafting services provide a full range of 2D Drafting and more. It includes designing Animation and Walkthrough for Architectural, Electrical, Structural, Mechanical and Electronics engineering modelling. It comes with a global clientele across the AEC industry. We understand and deliver based on client requirements. It remains the prime focus based on every project that is undertaken.