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At Australian Design & Drafting Service, we strive to help our customers through production planning, which is at the core of all manufacturing processes. The purpose of production planning is to make efficient use of the available resources during the manufacturing process, minimize costs and time to market, and increase the efficiency of the workplace.

The manufacturing services that we offer cover every aspect of the manufacturing or production process, from the conceptual design stage to the final manufacturing and testing stage. Our team uses a perfect blend of available software tools and experience to provide you with services and solutions that work. In brief, our techniques can help you become a leaner and more efficient business:

  • Production or manufacturing process planning– This is perhaps the most critical part of a production process, the planning of the process. We will guide you through every stage of this process.
    • Concept planning– Our team of mechanical engineers will help you begin with the concept planning stage and guide you through the risk versus reward analysis of a new product lifecycle.
    • Financial planning We will provide you with the necessary financial planning by estimating the future value of the proposed product, thereby helping you decide how much you should invest for a fair future return.
    • Product planning– Planning the actual product is the key to success. Our team of mechanical engineers will analyze market information and ensure that the proposed product is an answer to a key market necessity and not an attempt to enter an already overcrowded sector.
    • Production planning– Since this is the most cost-intensive stage of the project, selecting the right facility, right supplier and right labor is critical to the success of the project. We will ensure that you make the right choices the first time.
  • Process planning After helping you with product planning, our experienced team will ensure that your product is seen by the right clientele, and your processes are managed efficiently enough to meet the demands of the customer in time.
  • Manufacturing support– Our manufacturing support systems will offer you the necessary post-production support required to operate the project efficiently and to smooth out any unexpected hiccups. The period of support will be defined by the terms of the initial agreement.

Other than assisting customers with a new production process, we offer several other services as well, such as:

  • Cost estimation– Our team of experienced cost estimators will provide you with the cost estimate information you need to successfully bid for a contract, decide on the profitability of a project, or even decide on a product. Based on factors such as materials and machinery requirements, location and time requirements, and labor and software requirements, our cost estimators will study the available data and present you with the required information.
  • Process innovation– The in-house team at Australian Design & Drafting is experienced in launching brand new ideas in the market and can help you evaluate the technical and commercial merits and demerits of any innovative process that you plan to implement.
  • Environmental knowledge Implementing any product plan without taking into account the possible impact on the environment would be a foolhardy endeavor today. We are well informed about the environmental regulations governing the manufacturing process and will guide you such that no laws are flouted.
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