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CASE STUDY – Architectural Engineering & Construction (AEC) Services

Excellent 3D Models and Rendered images for Furniture Design

Effective Furniture Design Services delivered by Australian Design and Drafting Services for an Fixtures and Furniture Manufacturing Company in Australia

Case Study Highlights

3D Models and Rendered images for Furniture Design

The Client:

  • Industry:  Fixtures and Furniture Manufacturing
  • Location:  Brisbane, Australia
Furniture Design Services

The Objective:

  • Deliver 3D models for furniture designs, complete with textures – well rendered & ready to present

The Solution:

  • Detailed 3D furniture models were developed from rough sketches and rendered for elevations & isometric images that were delivered within set timelines.

The Challenges:

  • Roughly outlined furniture design sketches without any specifications, instead of accurate dimensions.
  • Customizing a wide range of material, styling and finishing – different for every individual model.
  • Dedicated time and efforts to build up material resource base – across design variations.
  • Limited inputs resulting in time consuming approval process and multiple iterations.

Technology / Software Used:

3D Models And Rendered


  • We offered dedicated 3D rendering and animation services with the help of all those required software, tools, and infrastructure to execute the projects.
  • Extensive experience and portfolio of models help reduce project time and cost.
  • Costs down by 60% as compared to having in-house facilities.
  • Less operational cost enhanced the profitability and sustainability.
  • Our core competencies assured better quality.
  • Cost and time advantage assured early market introduction and superior quality at low cost.
  • The 9 year association with client became concrete, as the best quality and level of accuracy was delivered.

Several manufacturers follow the practice, of getting the designs modeled and rendered. This not only saves the cost of prototyping but also makes it easy to present the designs to clients. 3D models for fixtures and furniture designs look highly photorealistic, and this is the best way to present designs to a client. Besides, there are no location constraints. A client can view the design from all angles. A 360 animation can also be done and sent across for approvals.Australian Design and Drafting Services is associated with the client, a leading manufacturer of furniture and fixtures, from Australia for 9 years. The client this time offered a project, where a diverse range of furniture designs had to modeled and rendered. The challenge here was that, the dimensions and other specifications were not mentioned and the team had to put in extensive efforts for finalizing the specs based on assumptions. Despite the challenges, PDF files replete with the well rendered images elevations (front, side and top) & isometric images
were delivered on time.


  • The inputs received from the client were analyzed, and research was done to find the ideal dimension for each piece of furniture.
  • Based on this analysis, spec sheets for each design were prepared.
  • Considering these spec sheets as reference, 3D models were developed.
  • The models with only a 05% difference were then sent for approvals.
  • Expert texture and material mapping artists were engaged to customize materials as required by the client.
  • Each material was developed with highly realistic texture and finish. This was then mapped on to the 3D models.
  • Effective lighting was set up, and the models were rendered from different angles. Final elevations (front, side, top with dimensions) & isometric images were delivered.

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