design mixed use building above an existing rail yard in australia

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Design Mixed Use Building above an Existing Rail Yard

Case Study Highlights

Design Mixed Use Building above an Existing Rail Yard in Australia

The Client:

The Objective:

  • To integrate mix used development consisting of residence, office, mall, and hotel above an existing rail yard.

The Solution:

  • A rail yard and mixed use building were integrated into a single facility, and detailed 3D models for complete visualization and approvals were developed.

The Solution:

  • The project commenced with a detailed survey and understanding of the available space and the rail yard.
  • Based on the requirement, we decided to use AutoCAD, Revit, and 3D Max software to design and develop 3D models and visualizations.
  • The space above the existing rail track was designed to include residential units, office space, mall and hotels.
  • Easy access points to these facilities were also designed and 3D models were developed with all the essential details.
  • The models were rendered for presentation and client.
Mixed Use Building


  • The project was completed within the proposed timeline and the client requirement was duly fulfilled.
  • Complete handover of well rendered 3D models and visualization made it easy to communicate design and get further approvals easily.
  • The result was that process of taking the project onsite fastened up and further it was completed on time, helping our clients gain good will and
    recognition in the industry.


  • The project involved development of facility on an existing rail yard spread across 210 million sq. ft.
  • Design and 3D modeling for the facility to allow mixed used spaces for residence, office, mall, and hotel made it challenging.
  • The integration with an existing rail yard facility made this project complex and one of its kinds.

Technologies / Software Used:

  • AutoCAD, Revit & 3ds Max

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