structural analysis of rotor assembly subjected to centripetal force

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Structural Analysis of Rotor Assembly Subjected to Centripetal Force

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Case Study Highlights

Structural Analysis of Rotor Assembly

The Client:

  • Industry :  Aftermarket Auto Parts Manufacturer

The Objective:

  • Studying the structural behavior of new brake rotor design subjected to centripetal force using FEA.

The Solution:

  • A 3D finite element model for the brake rotor was developed using ANSYS Mechanical. Considering the application of centripetal forces on the rotor, a structural analysis was performed with fine mesh quality. The results showed critical stress regions in supporting disc, which led to permanent deflection of the rotor assembly.

The Challenges:

  • Ensuring accurate CAD model development for brake rotor design for simulations to accurately capture physics under loading conditions
  • Identifying accurate loading conditions to ensure FEA result accuracy and validation
  • Enable client to bring the new rotor design closer to production with minimum physical tests required

The client is a leading manufacturer and supplier of aftermarket brake components and systems for everyday cars, work duty vehicles and high performance vehicles under different labels. Through continuous innovation, the manufacturer has brought significant improvements in braking technology and has earned four patents along the way.

The Solution:

After understanding the requirements of the client; our FEA experts used ANSYS Mechanical software for resolving the problem. A detailed three-dimensional (3-D) finite element (FE) computer model was constructed for Analysis of the rotor assembly. An appropriate FEA element has been used for the 3-D modeling of solid structures. The element is defined by eight nodes having three degrees of freedom at each node: translations in the nodal x, y, and z directions. The volume where the sweep mesh was not possible, an appropriate FEA element has been used. From the analysis results summary, it was concluded that the rotor assembly is subjected to maximum stress at the supporting disk. The strain is out of the elastic region which means there will be a permanent deflection in the disk.


  • Identified design flaws in the rotor assembly prior to production
  • Reduced number of physical trials
  • Provided manufacturer the advantage of developing the rotor design economically

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