point cloud to bim for educational center

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CASE STUDY – Point Cloud To BIM For Educational Center Australian Design and Drafting Services VDC Capabilities Enable Effective Facility Management

Effective Store Planning Services delivered by Australian Design and Drafting using 2D Architectural Services for an Architectural Designing Company in Australia

Case Study Highlights

The Client:

  • Industry:   Surveying and engineering industry
  • Location:   Australia

The Objective:

  • Convert 3D scanned images of an educational center into an information rich, intelligent BIM

The Solution:

  • All the scanned data in .pcg format was imported into Revit and surfaces were restructured, to create an intelligent BIM with LOD 300 with architectural and structure disciplines.

The Challenges:

  • Managing huge volumes of scanned data files and working with them
  • Rectifying the inconsistencies in scanned data and recreating the missing scanned data using engineering assumptions
  • Completion of the project – that demanded complex modeling, complete with architectural and structural details, within a very tight deadline

Technology / Software Used:

  • Revit, Recap

One of the most reputed surveying company based in Sydney, Australia, approached ASTCAD for its BIM requirements.

The client had surveyed an educational center and wanted to convert the point cloud data to BIM. Almost 300 scans were done to capture every section of the building, .pcg input files were provided and modeling architecture and structure disciplines with 10mm accuracy with an LOD 300 was requested.

BIM is increasingly seen by large building owners as the best way to document building data. The capabilities of BIM are further leveraged to achieve greater efficiencies in facility management, increase occupant comfort and reduce the cost and time required for renovations and refurbishments.

Scan to BIM is the most accurate and convenient way to create a BIM for an ‘As Built’ environment for large buildings.

Point Cloud to Bim for Educational Center – The Solution:

  • The scanned data was extremely heavy. It consisted of nearly 300 scans and several photometric images
  • All these .pcg files were was imported into Revit and divided into sections to set up a model file
  • A team of modelers worked in shifts to restructure the entire building with all the architectural and structural details
  • 10mm accuracy modeling was done and within 24 days, an intelligent BIM with LOD 300 was created
  • Scanned data for some parts of the building was missing and the one available had a lot of inconsistencies
  • At this point,  the  team  communicated  with  the  client  and restructured the missing   parts based on engineering assumptions and using the reference images.
Point Cloud To Bim For Educational Center
Educational Center - AUSTRALIAN DESIGN

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