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VALUE ENGINEERING SERVICES AUSTRALIADo you want to bring back your project within budget as it is keeping you awake at night? Our dedicated team of project managers with years of experience in constructing projects and understanding profitability. We help you get cost-effective material by 10% through topological optimisation. Reduce costs by moving from a cast structure to a fabricated structure.

To increase power the power-to-weight ratio by using a less dense material and decreasing the unnecessary cost through redesign of assembly fixtures and rising throughout. Along with that, safety in the assembly process can be increased through better ergonomics. Our experts know that you want to save as much on your project as possible to increase your profit margin. We provide a response system that works best for you from available MEP systems. Reduce waste and recycle raw materials with better design and optimal placement of runners and risers in a mould. These are only a few examples that our customers have done while using our value-added engineering services.

To be able to provide solutions that cut costs and increase functionalities. The skills needed from engineers should be a high degree, combined with plenty of practical experience and deep domain knowledge. One also needs access to high-technology tools like FEA software and experimental testing knowledge and infrastructure. Our real value engineering and services cost the best quality safety. We use the best design process and follow the engineering services value chain. We have a team comprising mechanical engineers, project leaders, and domain experts with rich experience and access to state-of-the-art FEA tools.

Value Engineering (VE) services refer to a systematic and collaborative approach used to optimize the value and cost-effectiveness of a project, product, or process while meeting its functional requirements. VE aims to identify opportunities for improvements that maximize value, minimize costs, and enhance performance without compromising quality or functionality. Here’s some information about value engineering services:

  1. Cost Optimization: Value engineering services focus on analyzing the cost elements of a project or product. By thoroughly examining the design, materials, construction methods, and operational aspects, value engineering experts identify areas where costs can be reduced while maintaining or improving performance and quality.
  2. Functionality and Performance Improvement: Value engineering services not only focus on cost reduction but also on enhancing the functionality and performance of a project. Experts evaluate the design and specifications to identify opportunities for improvements that can enhance the project’s efficiency, durability, safety, and overall effectiveness.
  3. Collaboration and Expertise: Value engineering services involve collaboration between multidisciplinary teams, including engineers, architects, designers, and other relevant stakeholders. These teams leverage their expertise and diverse perspectives to analyze and identify potential improvements in different aspects of the project.
  4. Systematic Approach: Value engineering follows a systematic process that typically includes the following steps:
  5. a. Information Gathering: Collecting relevant data, project documentation, and understanding the project’s objectives, requirements, and constraints.

    b. Analysis and Evaluation: Assessing the existing design, construction methods, materials, and specifications to identify potential areas for improvement.c. Idea Generation: Generating creative ideas and alternative solutions that could optimize value, improve performance, or reduce costs.d. Evaluation and Selection: Assessing the feasibility, benefits, and risks associated with the generated ideas and selecting the most promising options for further development.

    e. Implementation Planning: Developing a detailed plan for implementing the identified improvements, considering technical, logistical, and financial aspects.
  6. Cost-Benefit Analysis: Value engineering services involve conducting cost-benefit analyses of proposed improvements. This helps in quantifying the potential savings, benefits, and return on investment associated with implementing the suggested changes.
  7. Documentation and Reporting: Value engineering services provide comprehensive documentation and reports that outline the findings, recommendations, and justifications for proposed improvements. These reports help stakeholders understand the rationale behind the suggested changes and make informed decisions.

Value engineering services can be applied to various industries, including construction, manufacturing, product design, and process optimization. They are typically performed during the design phase but can also be applied during a project’s construction or operational stages.

Our Unique Capabilities:

  • FEA / Fluid Dynamics: Ansys, MSC Nastran, CFX, Fluent
  • Experimental testing: Optical methods, strain gauging, vibration testing (B&K / LMS)
  • Material testing: Chemical / X-ray spectroscopy analysis
  • Life testing: Knowledge of HALT / HAST methodology and thermal/electrical cycling equipment
  • Rapid prototyping: SLA / SLS / STL technology-based RP machines

With have years of experience in all phases of the product development cycle, including concept design, detailed design, prototyping and testing/validation, and full-scale production. We strive for perfection and possess the knowledge that ensures that we’re the right fit for you. We understand your requirements better by eliminating unnecessary aspects and offering maximum return on investments.


Intake and exhaust valve design optimization for an automobile engine using thermal fluid flow and structural analysis results in greater product efficiency.

Moldflow analysis optimizes runners for a consumer goods plastic part and increases yield.

Reduction of material and shifting of natural frequencies to a range inaccessible for normal functioning, resulting in greater reliability and an increase in life.