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FseVALUE ENGINEERING SERVICES AUSTRALIACut material cost by 10% through topological optimization. Save manufacturing cost by switching to a fabricated structure from a cast structure. Increase power to weight ratio by using a less dense material (structurally validated with finite element analysis). Decrease labor cost through redesign of assembly fixtures and increase throughout. Increase safety in the assembly process through better ergonomics of assembly process. Reduce waste and recycling of raw material through better design and optimal placement of runners and risers in a mould. These are only a few examples of what some of our customers have done while using our value engineering services.

To be able to provide solutions that cut cost / increase functionality, the skills needed from engineers need to be of a high degree, combined with plenty of practical experience and deep domain knowledge. What is also needed is access to high technology tools like FEA software and experimental testing knowledge and infrastructure. Our company’s team, comprising of mechanical engineers, project leaders and domain experts, has rich experience as well as access to state of the art FEA tools.

  • FEA / Fluid Dynamics: Ansys, MSC Nastran, CFX, Fluent
  • Experimental testing: Optical methods, strain gauging, vibration testing (B&K / LMS)
  • Material testing: Chemical / X-ray spectroscopy analysis
  • Life testing: Knowledge of HALT / HAST methodology and thermal / electrical cycling equipment
  • Rapid prototyping: SLA / SLS / STL technology based RP machines

Our team has experience in all phases of the product development cycle – concept design, detailed design, prototyping and testing / validation, and full scale production. This knowledge ensures that they fit better into your team and also helps them understand your requirements better.


  • Intake and exhaust valve design optimization for an automobile engine using thermal – fluid flow – structural analysis resulting in greater efficiency of product.
  • Moldflow analysis to optimize of gating and risers / runners for a consumer goods plastic part, increasing yield.
  • Reduction of material and shifting of natural frequencies to a range inaccessible for normal functioning, resulting in greater reliability and increase in life.
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