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wind turbine TOWER DESIGNTower design, though it may seem like it involves less effort than the conventional design processes, is not easy by any standards. Since there are a multitude of factors like wind resistance, inherent structural stresses and other external loads acting on the construction, the design process can be an extensive and lengthy process. There are several others parameters like the material involved and the method of fusing the beams together which involve considerable work, but all these can be simplified by simply contacting us for all your design requirements – we specialize in tower design and can ensure a perfect design that caters to your requirements.

The following are generally the different kinds of towers that we work on, based on their function and purpose:

  • Communication Towers
  • Travel towers
  • Wind turbine Towers
  • Electricity towers
  • Water towers
  • Cooling towers

Our team of designers is skilled in the design of towers and considers every conceivable parameter that affects the design. The height of the tower, the load of the tower, requirement of the number of ground supports and pivotal points, the weather and wind conditions in the area and the probability of tremors and natural disasters are considered and measured using different tools. For our CAD services, we consider all your requirements and design your tower in the following classifications:

  • Self-Supporting Towers This type of tower is the best for purposes that require a lot of tower height and the ability to support heavy loads. We can design this tower with three or four legs depending on the requirement and subject to external conditions. These are mostly used in communication towers and cell phone towers. These can also be used in places where the construction space is limited; since they have been tested in all soil conditions and terrains, they are used in a lot of applications in mountainous regions also.
  • Guyed Towers If you are looking for the tallest towers in existence, we can work on designing guyed towers; from 60 foot towers to 1300 foot towers, these towers give you the most height for your money. With the least foundation requirement and cost of construction, they give you the tallest structures for electricity transmission and cell phone signaling towers.
  • Poles These are structures that probably entail the least design considerations because their height is limited by environmental conditions. They can hold heavy loads and their lifecycle is long.

The quality of the design and construction is guaranteed to be high if you get your towers designed by us. Whether it is for specific applications or for generic purposes, we know the design parameters that have to be included.


  • Wind velocity and direction for designing wind turbines
  • Seismic Loads
  • Temperature conditions and probability of temperature extremities
  • Type of terrain on which the structure is to be constructed
  • Height of the tower and load requirements

Further, our complete design solution would include the specification of the right type of bolt, nut and welding joints that have to be present in the fabrication. Our experience and expertise in tower design can help you in the erection of a strong and durable tower at a minimum cost.

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