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wind turbine TOWER DESIGN

We are a leading Tower design service company that allows building contractors, mechanical consultants, CAD service providers, and architecture to overcome challenges. Our Tower design involves less effort than the conventional design processes. It is not easy to maintain any standards. Since there are many factors like inherent structural stresses, wind resistance, and other external loads acting on the construction, the design process includes extensive and lengthy.

Several parameters like the material involved and the method of fusing the beams involves considerable work. To meet the challenges, we have a team of structural engineers and tower design experts that helps to improve the process with ease. Our design service team offers high-end professional assistance and implement the state-of-art design with reaching the technology boundaries.

Our structural tower design services help build international standards, assess resistance and analyze stress-strain elements with monitoring all safety parameters. We obtain cost-effective CAD drawings for 2D and 3D designs. We are specialized in tower design and ensure a perfect design that caters to your requirements.

The following includes different kinds of towers that we work on based on their function and purpose:

  • Communication Towers
  • Travel towers
  • Wind turbine towers
  • Electricity towers
  • Water towers
  • Cooling towers

Our team of designers is skilled in tower design and consider conceivable parameter that affects the design. Moreover, the height of the tower, the load of the building, the requirement of the number of grounds supports and pivotal points.

The wind conditions and weather in the area come with a probability of tremors and natural disasters. For our CAD services, we consider all requirements and design towers in the following classifications –

Self-Supporting Towers

The type of tower is the best for all purposes. It requires a lot of tower height and the ability to support heavy loads. We design the tower with three or four legs depending on the requirement and subject to external conditions. These are primarily used in communication towers and cell phone towers. It’s used in places where the construction space is limited. Since they have been tested in soil conditions and terrains, they are used in many applications and mountainous regions.

Guyed Towers 

If you’re seeking the tallest towers in existence, then choose us. We have worked on designing guyed towers from 60-foot towers to 1300-foot towers. The towers give you the most height for your money. With the least foundation requirement and construction cost, it provides the tallest structures for electricity transmission and cell phone signaling towers.


The poles are structures that probably entail minor design considerations. It’s because environmental conditions limit the height. It holds heavy loads, and its lifecycle is long. The quality of the design and construction is guaranteed to be high. Whether it is for a specific generic purpose and application, we know how to design parameters that have to be included in it.


  • Types of terrain on which the structure is constructed
  • Wind velocity and direction for wind turbines designing
  • Seismic Loads
  • Height of the tower and load requirements
  • Temperature conditions and probability of temperature extremities

Tower Design Service

Tower design services are professional engineering and architectural services that specialize in the design, planning, and development of various types of towers. These services are typically offered by firms or individuals with expertise in structural engineering, architectural design, telecommunications, and related fields. Here’s an overview of what tower design services entail:

  1. Conceptual Design: Tower design services start with the conceptualization of the tower. This involves understanding the client’s needs and the purpose of the tower, such as whether it’s for telecommunications, broadcasting, observation, wind turbines, or other applications. The design team works closely with the client to define project objectives and constraints.
  2. Site Assessment: A crucial aspect of tower design is site assessment. Professionals assess potential tower locations for factors like soil conditions, geological stability, environmental impact, accessibility, and compliance with zoning regulations. This step helps determine the feasibility of the project.
  3. Structural Design: Engineers create detailed structural designs for the tower, taking into consideration the load-bearing capacity, wind resistance, seismic factors, and other structural requirements. Advanced modeling and simulation software are often used to optimize the design for safety and efficiency.

Further, our complete design solution includes the specification of the right type of bolt, nut and welding joints. It has to be present in the fabrication. Our experience and expertise in tower design help in the erection of a durable and robust tower at a minimum cost.