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Automotive Design

Among consumer goods, the automobile possibly has the longest and most complicated production life cycle. It is important to plan and implement different phases with a high degree of perfection while creating and rolling out a new automobile design. We offer a comprehensive design service encompassing the elements of initial market research, design specifications, the design and prototyping phase and renderings leading to a complete 3D digital model.

We have an established automotive practice owing to the skills of our lead automotive designers and their experience in this field. We bring domain knowledge, expertise and experience to the table and follow tested methods in program and knowledge management. Our portfolio covers projects relating to motorbikes, passenger cars, and heavy land vehicles, off-road vehicles and tractors. We extrapolate this knowledge to the design of individual automotive components, custom-design chassis and frames, engine redesign and subsystems like turbo-chargers and superchargers.

With end-to-end solutions dedicated to customers, we focus on providing quality designs while fulfilling the design requirements. Our professional team maintains everything from global account to materials, sourcing, procurement, testing and quality control to the global automotive market.


  • Styling, Colors and Design:

We provide the automotive industry with new concept designs, sketches and improve aesthetics so as to enhance the functionality and market demand of a product. Our dynamic team of design engineers helps us achieve this mountainous task of converting ideas to designs and sketches and later into three dimensional models. In addition to this, we also provide automotive interior designs and luxury designs based on the requirements of the clients. Our service aims to create the kind of environment that usually exists only in the client’s minds.

  • Three dimensional modeling:

CAD design is a primary service that we offer and our team keeps themselves updated on software technology. Irrespective of what your requirement may be, we have designers skilled in the use of AutoCAD, Pro-E, CATIA and SolidWorks. We keep extending our capabilities to the newest trends in the market and the newest software applications in the business. Additionally, we have people capable of rendering designs on Adobe Illustrator.

  • Prototyping:

We have generated prototypes for a variety of products in the automotive industry – from simple individual components to subsystems and even complete designs. Our simulation systems are effective in creating the exact designs that clients are looking for – further, we undertake quality testing and analysis, and crash testing simulation for the prototypes.

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