photorealistic 3d rendering 3d model of a night club

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CASE STUDY – Photorealistic 3D Rendering and 3D Modeling

By Australian Design and Drafting Services Brings Lifeless 3D Model Of A Night Club To LifeEffective Planning Services delivered by Australian Design and Drafting using 2D Architectural Services for an Architectural Designing Company in Australia

Case Study Highlights

Photorealistic 3D Rendering and 3D Modeling of a Night Club

The Client:

  • Company: Leading architect working with an architectural firm
  • Industry: Architecture and Interior Design
  • Location: Australia

The Objective:

  • Lighting, texturing and photorealistic 3D rendering to create an exact night view of a club.

The Challenges:

  • The project was to be executed and delivered within 2 working days.
  • The client had suggested input material for the project. Hence, finding similar material and customizing it for use became a major activity and took up a lot of time.
  • The team was not supposed to use glare lighting.
  • Creating a reflective surface for wall and floor in such a scenario, was also a challenge

The Solution:

  • A substantial amount of material was customized, reflective floor and walls were created and a final well-rendered image for the night club model was created as per specifications.

Technology / Software Used:


  • The client provided a lifeless 3D model; this was transformed into a high-quality photo-realistically rendered model of the proposed night club.
  • A perfect night club setting was created without using glare lighting.
  • Perfect reflective surfaces for the floor and walls were created.
  • There were minimal iterations required, and the rendered images were approved in the first go.
  • A special team was assigned the project, and they managed to deliver an approved and final render within 2 working days.
  • The quality standards were met and the project was executed within the set timelines, this helped initiate a long term association with the client, and opened the doors for all the major upcoming projects.

3D rendering has changed the dynamics of the architectural engineering, construction and interior design industry for the better. A realistically rendered 3D model can be used to effectively market and advertise a construction/ Architecture/Interior design project. Design ideas can be effectively communicated with the client and other stakeholders, hence design analysis, project planning and getting approvals becomes an easy task. An inhouse team calls for investment in high-speed computer systems, rendering farms and a team of material mapping, lighting and rendering experts in addition to other overheads. Hence, Architects, interior designers and builders often outsource 3D rendering services to offshore service providers. A 3D model of the night club had to be transformed to look like a real night club, replete with perfect material mapping, lighting, reflective floor and walls etc. The architect wanted to present an exact night view of the club to his client and get the design approved.

The Solution:

  • A substantial amount of new materials were customized, and as specified by the client reflective floor and walls were also created.
  • Using 3DS Max software, all sections of the night club – the corridor, the floor level main plan, screen room, circle room etc were perfectly rendered according to specifications.
  • Resources were utilized well; a realistic 3D rendered model for the night view of the club was created and delivered within the timeline.
  • The end product matched up to the customer expectations, it not only added to the client’s face value in the market but also fitted the budget constraints and was delivered well within the timeline.
photorealistic 3d rendering

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