bim clash detection and scheduling for Australian company

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CASE STUDY – Architectural Engineering & Construction (AEC) Services

BIM Clash Detection and Scheduling for Australian-based Company

To Deliver Level of Detailing (LOD500) Till Facility Management along
With BIM & MEP | Architectural/Structural Drafting | 3D Modeling & Rendering Energy Modeling

Case Study Highlights

BIM Clash Detection and Scheduling

The Client:

  • Industry: Project Management Solutions
  • Location: Australia

The Objective:

  • BIM for University hospital building project as per Australian standards.

The Solution:

  • The team created information rich intelligent BIM with LOD 500 to support faster collaboration and enable the client to gain control over the project right from construction to facility management phase.

Technology / Software Used:

  • Autodesk Revit Architecture
  • Autodesk Revit Structure
  • Autodesk Revit MEP
  • Autodesk NavisWorks

The client, a reputed company from Australia, contacted Australian Design and Drafting Services for a University Hospital building project.
The construction work had already started and the client wanted BIM with LOD 500, as per AIA standards, across MEP, architectural and structural disciplines. This construction documentation was intended to not only make the process of construction efficient but also to
enable a smooth and streamlined facility management once the building gets occupied.

Bim Clash Detection


  • The construction work had already started, BIM adoption at a later stage during the project is challenging.
  • The turnaround time was another challenge, and detailed BIM had to be developed and delivered within an almost unreasonable deadline.
  • Additionally, the team also had to understand and deliver BIM with Level of detail 500, as per the Australian standards.
  • The building information model had to be developed to support the client right through the facility management phase, and details for all disciplines including MEP, architecture and structure had to be integrated.
  • The project was taken up when the construction had already started and interdisciplinary clash detection and construction simulation along with material take off, scheduling etc was quite a challenge.

Engineering Solutions:

  • A team of professionals with extensive experience of handling BIM Clash Detection projects and specialization across various disciplines was dedicated for the project.
  • Both on shore and offshore support was provided to enable faster collaboration and hence meet the set deadlines.
  • In addition to the BIM geometry, text documentation and as-built BIM information needed for O&M and FM purposes was also documented.
  • All the interdisciplinary clashes were detected to allow clients mitigate risks and reduce rework.
  • Accurate material takes offs and construction scheduling was provided, a comprehensive approach was followed to implement higher collaboration in the project.


  • As the project delivery was on time and the most suitable to carry out construction flawlessly, the client – main contractor for this project, finished construction on time as per tender deadline and as desired.
  • Liabilities, risks due to clashes and hence rework during the construction phase reduced, in addition to reduction in wastage of materials, manpower and time. Hence client saved money on the project and thus enjoyed better ROI.

About Australian Design and Drafting Services:

Australian Design and Drafting services offers a full range of 2D Drafting, 3D Modeling, Designing to Animation and Walkthrough for Architectural, Structural, Electrical, Mechanical and Electronics engineering modeling, to its global clientele across the AEC industry. Understanding and delivering as per client requirements remains the prime focus, for every project that is undertaken. With a multilayered quality check and flexible time scheduling, quality is maintained and projects are always delivered on time.