CASE STUDY – 3D Architectural Rendering & Design

3D Architectural Rendering & Design

Visualization and the Evolution of AEC industry

Case Study Highlights

3D Architectural Design Visualization

The building design and construction industry is highly evolved. While the industry values, the rich heritage of architecture and design, this has not stopped it from moving ahead and adopting new technologies.
Today nearly every Real Estate Agent, Architect, Developer and Interior Designer depends on 3D architectural rendering and design visualization to communicate designs to all the involved stake holders and clients.

Floor Plan Design:

  • 3D modeling and floor plan design is exceedingly used across the AEC sector to convey the internal demarcations and floor plans of building. A 3 dimensional realistic floor plan can be rotated and viewed from all angles.
  • As compared to the conventional blue prints and design drafts, a 3D floor plan is highly visual and hence very easy to understand.

3d Floor Plan Design

3D Modeling & Photo realistic Rendering:

  • Once the floor plans are ready and approved, complete 3D models are developed and rendered. Architectural 3D modeling and rendering gives the viewer a clear idea of the built structure.
  • More over it is also a great tool to convey interior design with complete detailing or furniture, tapestry, furnishings, flooring, showpieces etc.
  • A buildings interiors, landscapes and exterior can be rendered in day lighting, for night view with artificial lighting etc. to give the viewer a complete idea of how the property will look at different times throughout the day.
  • 3D Modeling & Photorealistic Rendering

3D Walkthrough Animation:

  • Often developers and architects create animations and interactive virtual walkthroughs across a building to make design visualization interesting for the client.
  • A well rendered building model, animated for a walkthrough, is used as ultimate marketing tool by real estate agents, developers and property owners.
  • Clippings of these walkthroughs are also kept on the websites, while the rendered images of the building are used across several marketing collaterals, brochures and catalogs.

3D Stereoscopic Model Design:

  • A modern concept, or say an alternative to the now traditional architectural animation and walkthrough is 3D stereoscopic model design. The technology has not yet become popular, as only a few architects have adopted it however the future seems promising, as it is speculated that stereoscopic walkthroughs will soon be used by one and all across the AEC sector.
  • Stereoscopic walkthroughs take you a step beyond a virtual walkthrough. Here a 3D space is created, where the viewer feels like a part of the 3D space.
  • The viewer has to wear a head mounted display and s/he can travel across the entire building investigating every nook and every corner.

What Does All this Lead To?

  • Technology aids building designers, architects, developers and property owners visualize the building in detail and detect design flaws or suggest iteration before the on-site construction starts.
  • Besides, all the stakeholders can avail an integrated project display and remain on the same page. Further as we already mentioned, 3D architectural renderings and walkthroughs are the best means to market your product and reach out to your clients and impress investors.

Interior Walkthrough Animation

intreior walkthrough animation

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